There is a distinct lack of dog shows being held at the moment, due to the Coronavirus restrictions - so why not take part in our virtual version? No social distancing or antibacterial wiping needed! We can still show off our happy hounds and clever canines safely and have some fun at the same time.

How do I enter?

There are weekly categories or a Best in Show category that runs for a month. You can enter as many categories as you like and as many times as you want in each. Click the buttons below to enter.

Upload a picture of your pooch and donate a minimum of £3 to enter the competition. The best doggo, woofer or floofer will be picked by our panel of judges and be awarded a sunflower rosette and win one of our fabulous prizes!

So whether you have a dinky Dachshund or a gargantuan Great Dane - we want to see your pictures!!!

WEEK 1: Best Smile

WEEK 2: Best Jump

WEEK 3: Like Owner Like Dog

WEEK 4: Best Rescue

Winners will be notified at the close of each competition and the winning dog featured on the banner of the following weeks category.

Alongside the weekly categories, we are running a 'Best in Show' which will be running for the month. A panel of esteemed judges will be selecting the cream of the crop to win some fantastic prizes to really pamper your four legged friend! There are sunflower rosettes awarded to the winner and 2 runners up.

Entry to the Best in Show closes on 21 August 2020 at 12pm. 

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