What is a Night In Not Out Quiz?

The idea is to have a 'night in' instead of a 'night out' with family and friends, in your own houses. 

We have set up a 15-minute virtual quiz to start your party off. Every Saturday night at 7.30pm, you can log in to the quiz and challenge your household to a quiz-off! To add more fun, why not challenge another family or a group of friends on your favourite group chat app? Bring snacks and drinks into the mix and perhaps a little music, if you want. Really get that atmosphere going!

There are prizes to be won and the more people who play, the higher the prizes - so get inviting everyone you know! You can see your ranking when you play and a leaderboard at the end, when the winners are announced. You can donate and register on as many devices in your household as you want, so you can play as a group, or challenge each other.

Cost to play - £3

1st place - 10% of total raised

2nd place - 6% of total raised

3rd place - 4% of total raised

Mountbatten receives 60% of total raised!

How do I take part?

Night In Not Out Quiz

You need to register first - this only takes a few minutes. Click the link above.

Then sign in to which ever quiz you want to join. Give yourself a few moments to do this before the quiz starts on the night you have chosen.

Then what??.....

Then continue with your 'night in' and be as creative as you like. You could even pick a different theme each week. Send us pictures of your night on our Facebook page @MountbattenIW.

If you would like to raise more money for Mountbatten during your evening, here are some ideas;

  • Having a movie night? - Donate your snack money
  • Night in the pub? - Donate a round of drinks
  • Dining in instead of out? - Set a place for Mountbatten and donate the cost of a meal
  • Playing cards or games? - Donate the winnings

All donations are much appreciated and needed. You can pay your fundraising here - using the reference 'Night In Not Out Quiz'. 

Go on......you know you want to! Join in the fun!