How do I take part?

  • Purchase a balloon here for £3
  • Personalise the balloon - add text, colours & pattern
  • Get technical if you want - adjust helium content & rubber thickness

The race is taking off from Hogwarts School of Magic, celebrating the end of the school year, on 3 July 2020 and lasts for 7 days. You can watch your balloon racing on the website! Numbers of balloons are not limited - you can buy as many as you like. Perhaps buy one as a gift for someone you're missing and thinking about? You could also buy a balloon and nominate a nurse at the hospice?

Ecoracing is a totally eco-friendly Virtual Balloon Race, based on real time and real weather data. You can track the balloons on Google Maps through the website to see how your balloon is doing.


At the end of the race, the winners will receive a prize;

1st place - £500

2nd place - iPad

3rd place - 10 lucky winners of £10 book tokens

Thank you for your support. We are very grateful!

Good luck and happy racing!