Helen's smile eases patient worries

Helen feels her role is to put people at ease, and help them feel less anxious about coming to the hospice. Read more

Denise's personal reason to volunteer

Like many of our volunteers, Denise has a personal reason for volunteering in one of Mountbatten shops. Read more

Derek enjoys more structure

Derek enjoys volunteering because it gives a structure to his week. Read more

Volunteering gives Carl extra dimension

Volunteering provided an extra dimension to Carl’s life when he retired from work. Read more

Mountbatten is close to Karen's heart

Several members of Karen's family were cared for at Mountbatten, which is why she is passionate about fundraising. Read more

Volunteer Sarah wanted to 'give back'

Sarah has volunteered in our shops since 2009, following the death of her mum who loved visiting our John Cheverton Centre. Read more