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Nobody could have planned for Coronavirus or the impact it would have on all our lives. At a time when we need to do more to care for the increasing numbers of people who need us, we are facing huge financial losses and an uphill struggle to be there for Island people. 

We have received some additional government support, and this is welcome, but this will not cover all our losses when we are being asked to do so much more across our community.

How can you help?

  • £30 can pay for a bereavement session to help someone come to terms with the death of a loved one, wherever or however it has happened.
  • £60 can provide personal care from our Mountbatten at Home team, helping patients to remain in the comfort of their own home.
  • £180 can pay for two Mountbatten nurses to visit and support a patient and their carer at home during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • £350 can provide 24 hours in a bed on our hospice ward, whether for respite or care right at the end of a person's life.

Mountbatten nurses need your help now

Right now, Mountbatten nurses are helping to free up Isle of Wight NHS trust hospital beds by caring for as many patients as possible who need end of life care at home. 

We urgently need to protect and support them as they remain on the front line, caring for a growing number of people in their homes - including those in care homes - as well as our Mountbatten hospice ward.

Please help them to care for our Island community as this life-threatening disease is affecting us all.

By donating today, you will help Mountbatten nurses to give patients the pain relief, care, and compassion, they need to live out their final days in dignity and comfort.

If you would rather fundraise, please follow the link at the top 'fundraise' and if you would rather donate over the phone please call (01983) 217300

Please donate whatever you can afford, your gift today will provide relief and safety for our nurses and patients. Thank you.