Our urgent appeal hopes to raise over £20,000 for 8 specialist pressure-relieving chairs for the Inpatient Unit. Many patients who stay at the Hospice are at high risk of pressure ulcers, as they are often too weak to move. The reclining chairs they need are designed to relieve pressure on muscles, reducing the risk of painful ulcers.

These chairs will give comfort to people living with a terminal illness. People like Kathleen Maddox*, who is being cared for on the Inpatient Unit after being diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. Kathleen spends much of her time in her chair and explains what the care and comfort at the Hospice means to her:

"I find it hard to move on my own and need the nurses to help me do the simplest things. I felt trapped in bed but being in my special chair makes me feel more normal and gives me more independence.

It feels good to sit up in the chair and talk to my family when they visit and be able to lie back when I feel tired, without having to call for a nurse.

I feel safe and supported in my chair, and I would be miserable without it. It means I can make the most of the time I have left.”

Sister Theresa works on the Inpatient Unit at Mountbatten Hospice. She said: 

"Together with my team, I am dedicated to caring for our patients and one of the most important parts of my job is helping our patients to be as comfortable as possible. This can often be challenging. 

The reclining chairs our patients need are designed to relieve pressure on muscles, reducing the risk of painful ulcers. They tilt back so patients can adjust them to exactly the right position and the leg rest raises, providing adequate support.

The chairs also tilt forward, helping people who are very weak to stand up to go to the bathroom or to get into bed with more ease. Crucially, they also relieve pressure on the body, meaning that the chance of developing pressure ulcers is much lower."

Can you help us buy the chairs we need, so our patients can continue living in dignity and comfort?

Your donation will mean that our patients can join in more with what is going on around them; to sit up and read a magazine, take part in video or telephone calls with family members and friends or spend time with their family. All of these little things make life worth living.

Any contribution you can make to this appeal will make a huge difference to people like Kathleen and their loved ones. Please share this appeal with your family, friends and colleagues and encourage them to donate today. Together, we can ensure Island people can continue living even at the end of their lives. Thank you.

*Since writing this appeal, Kathleen Maddox died peacefully at the Hospice, with her family by her side. Kathleen wanted to help raise the funds we need, so other patients like her could live out their final days in dignity and comfort. In memory of Kathleen, her family requested that her story remains in this appeal. Kathleen’s daughter, Sally, explains what honouring her Mum’s wishes means to her family:

“Mum was looked after so beautifully by Mountbatten, and all she wanted was for others to have the same care and love that she received before she died. The recliner chair made such a difference to Mum; she wasn’t stuck lying in a bed and needing every little thing doing for her. Her special chair made her last days more comfortable and enjoyable. We hope this appeal means other families can spend precious time with their loved ones like we could with our Mum.”