Dedicate a ribbon

"My husband, Bob, was such a fun man. He was always the life and soul of the party and was always being silly. 

One year, he was given an ‘Only Fools and Horses’ onesie and he decided to wear it on Christmas Day. It was just him, always laughing and messing around. He was a wonderful man and husband.

When Bob was diagnosed with lung cancer, Mountbatten’s Care at Home Team supported us until the end. The clinical care was there for Bob but I also remember being immediately asked “What help do you need, too?”.That really stuck with me. They were there for Bob but that support extended to me, too. The Care at Home team were just wonderful.

They would often stay later to make sure Bob was comfortable and we were both settled for the evening. I was struck by their dedication, nothing was too much trouble.

I felt I had people I trusted and could rely upon to help get me through. I was not alone at such a difficult time.

Bob’s illness was very quick. Five weeks after his diagnosis, Bob died.

Last year, I dedicated a ribbon, in memory of Bob, to the Chelsea Garden at Mountbatten. It is such a peaceful place and I remember sitting in the sun looking at all the ribbons blowing in the breeze and it just felt so special and calming to be there.

I invited a friend to join me in dedicating a ribbon last year. She felt apprehensive about coming to the hospice but, when she got here and saw how tranquil the garden was, she was so glad she came.

It was a comfort to me as well being able to share the experience with her. I understand why people would feel nervous about coming to the hospice, it is really hard to take that step after a loved one has died.

But Remembering with Ribbons is a really lovely way to remember them, in a peaceful environment surrounded by the Mountbatten staff and volunteers who are so supportive.

People often think the hospice is a sad place and, yes that is understandable if you have experienced a loved one needing their care. However, it is also a warm, welcoming and a very open place, full of wonderful people.

There really is something very special about Mountbatten" share's Carole, 66, from East Cowes.

To attend our Remembering with Ribbons event on Friday 12 July at 6pm, please RSVP using the button below.