Welcome to Challenge100! Thank you for joining us to help replace the lost income from the various events and challenges that would typically be raising funds for Mountbatten. The concept is simple - choose your challenge, raise £100. There are 4 categories to choose from, but the sky is your limit. Time to push your imagination into hyperdrive and get creative!

*Challenge100 £100 Target

Create a challenge of your choice - do tricks on a trampoline or skateboard, walk 100 steps every day or 100 miles in total, eat 100 cakes...or bananas, knit 100 squares, do 100 backflips - whatever floats your boat. You can do your challenge all at once, or build it over time. It's up to you.

*Challenge100 Pledge

Choose a challenge or forfeit to complete once you reach your £100 fundraising target. You can set milestones along the way or go for 1 big milestone at the end.

*Challenge100 Running

Run 100 miles or 100 lengths of your garden whatever you choose. Link to your Strava account or just log your miles in your updates.

*Challenge100 Cycling

Cycle 100 miles or around the block 100 times. However you want to do it. Link to your Strava account or simply log your miles in your updates.

Join the Challenge100 family. Sign up - personalise and customise your challenge page. It's so easy to use and your fundraising comes directly to us.

If you prefer, you can just donate or do your own thing by creating a Facebook Fundraiser or a JustGiving page. Just remember to use the reference Challenge100.

Thank you for helping us keep our Mountbatten nurses caring for Islanders and their families. We just couldn't do it without you!

Good luck with your challenge!