Southern Housing Group 22 Argyll Street Registered care home

WE are a small registered care home in Ryde and hold the hospice close to our hearts. Not only have they helped a lot of family members they have given us amazing training in the past. WE have 5 amazing staff members who are going to brave the shave to Raise money. Leonie Sexton, Heidi Brooke, Tracey Macniell, Robert Love and Simon Moxlow.

Mountbatten nurses are helping to free up Isle of Wight NHS trust hospital beds by caring for as many patients as possible who need end of life care at home. But they don't have the equipment they need to protect themselves and care for the growing number of patients that need them.

Nobody could have planned for Coronavirus and Mountbatten nurses need your help now. They urgently need protective clothing and specialised equipment to meet patient's needs at home. Please help them to care for our Island community as this life-threatening disease is affecting us all. 

By donating today, you will help Mountbatten nurses to remain on the front line, giving patients the pain relief, care and compassion they need to live out their final days in dignity and comfort.

Please donate whatever you can afford, your gift today will provide relief and safety for our nurses and patients. Thank you.

Southern Housing Group 22 Argyll Street Registered care home