I initially signed up for this as a good excuse for a nice long walk (26.5 miles) on the lovely Isle of Wight, with all the route planned out already and support along the way. I'm fundraising because of the services Mountbatten offer to the people of the island.
I work in the NHS, and of course see, hear and interact with a lot of people with life-changing conditions, ongoing and worsening health and those coming to the end of their life. On the Isle of Wight, Mountbatten works with these people to support them wherever they're going, in palliative care, various therapies, rehabilitation and bereavement. I've seen how beneficial therapies in particular can be and I've heard how stretched resources are. So I hope that me going for a bit of a walk will help just a little bit to deliver their service. I would be very grateful for any donation to this cause if you can give it

THANK YOU to those that have donated! Please let me know (if you like) that you sent some so that I know to thank you, I can't see names of donors! Tomas Hannam-Penfold