George (dad) funny , cheery , chatty , honest , welcoming , giving, helpful, friendly, best friend, best dad, these are all words that have been used to describe my dad by everyone who met him for 5 minutes 5 hours or 80 years ! When he was diagnosed with terminal cancer 12 months ago he tackled this with determination that he will take as much time with family and friends he could . Mountbatten supported dad to continue to care for mum with her dementia. After losing mum in June he visited Andrew abroad something he really thought he’d never do. He fought cancer with the bravery of a trooper. The people who helped his last few days to be lived with the dignity he deserved was Mountbatten hospice with equipment, care support and family support we all needed as he drifted to sleep on Christmas Day . We will always be grateful for Mountbatten team. This is our Thankyou to them please join me in supporting such a well deserved charity . Lots of love from me Alison , fiona , Andrew and april and extended family Alison Severn