Follow the instructions below to quickly and easily create a tribute page in memory of your loved one. 

1. Name of who you are remembering - write your loved one's name as you want it to appear to others. Ie, Douglas Ainge This will be the title of the page and the name shown on-screen during the service. It will also be included in the search function, so if your loved one is better known by their nickname, it is worth considering using this instead of their full name, as it will be easier for others to find. 

2. Link to the page - this field will auto-fill with the name you have written. It creates the link to use to get to the page, ie ''. If a tribute page with this name already exists you will be asked to write an alternative link. You do not have to change the name of your page to do this. Simply edit the link. Ie, change 'douglas-ainge' to 'doug-ainge'.

3. A description of what they mean to you - this is the text that will appear on their page and you can write what you choose. Please note that all pages will be checked to ensure their contents are appropriate for all age groups. Pages containing content deemed inappropriate will be removed.

4. Date of Birth and Date of Death - these are optional fields. The dates will be visible on the page if you include them here. 

5. Add a photo - a photo will make your page stand out.
You can drag and drop one into the box, or click to upload an image from your computer or device.

6. Allow people to add comments, pictures and videos to the page - tick the box so that family and friends can leave messages to your loved one on the page.

7. Select an appeal for donations to be sent to - select 'Light up a Life 2020'

8. Show the total amount raised - tick the box so the page will display the total amount of donations made in your loved one's memory. 

9. Show individual donations on the page - tick the box so the page will display each donation made in your loved one's memory. When someone donates to your page they can choose for their donation to be 'anonymous'.

10. Click 'Finished, create my page' and you're done! Your page will be reviewed by a member of our team and once approved, will appear in the list of tribute pages, and as a light on the tree. 

11. Donate on your page - once the page is approved you'll be able to donate and share the page with your friends and family. Make sure you have signed in to your account, otherwise you won't be able to donate. If you are a new member, check your inbox for an email inviting you to complete your registration on our platform.