Lynn New, 70, of Freshwater, was diagnosed with lung cancer on 2 January 2020. She was admitted to the Inpatient Unit at Mountbatten Hospice with worsening breathlessness, fatigue and discomfort. Her symptoms have been impacting on her ability to cope with daily life, particularly her mobility and anxiety.

Lynn was referred to Mountbatten’s rehabilitation team as part of the multi-disciplinary approach to managing her symptoms and for forward planning to get her home.

Lynn said: “Life can turn around on the change of a sixpence. When I came to Mountbatten, I couldn’t see myself going home. But with the help of the rehabilitation team they have not only supported me with the use of a wheelchair and seat which will help my general mobility but also shown me not to be afraid of my fear, I am in control and with the help of breathing techniques I can manage my breathlessness and related anxiety.”

Lynn feels ready to get back home, but also knows she has a support safety net and team of people ready to help when needed. “I feel I have a better quality of life and the independence needed to manage my breathlessness, fatigue and anxiety at home and get back to what I love doing the most - writing and illustrating.

“I have witnessed the team’s ability to show pure compulsion to help me move forward, handling conversation in such a way that made me feel comforted. I have always been greeted with a bright cheerful face and verbally reassured on how I can achieve my independence as I start my next chapter and journey positively. Despite COVID being so cruel and making it so much harder for the team and myself, it has all been done with such compassion and love and I have felt the warmth of arms around me even though that wasn’t physically possible.” Lynn added.

Lynn admits that, before her recent experience at Mountbatten Hospice, she was among those who didn’t understand that the hospice ward is also a place for respite and rehabilitation: “So much of the rehabilitation team’s work is about getting you better, and in my case getting back home which is where I want to be. I’m just blown away by everyone at Mountbatten; all of you have so much love and compassion, simply remarkable – the dedication and the fact that nothing is too much trouble”.