Ztam Arts’ showcase of local talent at Earl Mountbatten

Earl Mountbatten Hospice is pleased to welcome Ztam Arts, which is holding its first exhibition throughout October in the hospice’s art gallery.
The exhibition features a host of local talent, including a number of young, inspiring photographers. Ztam Arts is made up of Kelly Murdoch, Sienna Anderson, Radek Gora, Sarah James and Tanya Rock. Their collective works create a stunning range of images on a number of subjects, which can be found in the art gallery in the main hospice building. The gallery is open to the general public, and anyone is welcome to come and view the photographs that are for sale, earning the hospice a commission on any sold.
One section features young photographers Jasmine Lake, 17, Taylor Ronald Sedgwick, 8, Billy Wright, 13, and Jamie Mallon, 14.
Nigel Hartley, Chief Executive, said: “I am constantly amazed by the quality of work that is exhibited in our hospice art gallery. Not only do our patients and staff enjoy this ever-changing environment, but it brings another reason for members of the public to visit the hospice and enjoy our facilities. Do come and enjoy some refreshments at the same time in our wonderful Sunflower Café, which is open to the public, or enjoy the autumnal colours in the Chelsea Garden.”

Our October art gallery exhibitors are:

Kelly Murdoch - Ztam Photography
I am self-taught in Photography, Post Processing & Design. My passion is Aviation Photography. For me, there's nothing like capturing the speed of the Red Arrows and the gracefulness of a Spitfire. I also take my hand to any other kinds of photography, including Model/Portraits, Animals, Land and Seascapes. I just love capturing that moment in time.
I am fully self-taught, learning my skills from my father's love and passion for photography and developing my own skills along the way through working in various areas of the industry. Like my father, I share his love and specialisation for Aviation Photography, which is now where the main focus of my work is. It all started off 16 years ago when my Nan bought me my first camera, a little Fuji Digital camera. Now I use a Canon 7d MK11 and wouldn't be without it.
I use my love for photography as one of the things that keep me going. I was born with Spina bifida and have never really let that stop me, even when my childhood was spent having endless operations. Recently it has been discovered that I now have Syringomyelia, Chiari, and Diastematomyelia. People think that even having one condition is awful but to have all three is, well..... let's say challenging.
I am grateful for everything I have in life including my Photography. While I can carry on I will but, sadly, there will be a day when I won't. Until that day, I will search for ways to carry on and I will still capture those precious moments in time. More of my work can be found on my Facebook page - Ztam photography
Sienna Anderson - Soul Photography
I have lived on this beautiful Island since I was a young child.
I absolutely love being on or near the sea, it makes me feel so alive. Watching and capturing the sunrise or sunset, surrounded by such stunning coastline, is magical.
I am so very blessed and thankful everyday. I am excited for the future and where my photography journey will take me.

Radek Gora - Radek Gora Photography
I am a Polish-born photographer based on the Isle of Wight. My interest in photography started as a teenager, but I took it to the next stage ten years ago, buying my first DSLR camera. My primary subject used to be landscape photography, until I discovered Macro world. Insects and their tiny environment offer the macro photographer an unlimited amount of colour, texture and physical architecture to explore.  My adventure with photography didn’t stop there, it took me underwater where I can link two great passions: photography and scuba diving. This in turn led on to the fascinating exploration of the not very widely known Infrared photography. Lately, I work more with people and portraiture.
More examples of my work can be seen on my Facebook page.

Sarah James - Nervous wreck designs  
I am sixteen years old and I first got into photography at the age of fourteen, when I got my first camera for my birthday. I especially love taking photos of nature. I chose the name Nervous Wreck Designs because of my anxiety, so I thought it fitted me. Find me on Facebook for more information.

Tanya Rock -  Love Light Photography
I have lived on the Isle of Wight all of my life. I have a passion for travel and photography. For as long as I can remember, I have been taking photoa and I credit my Uncle Ronnie for starting my love of the camera, as I don't have a memory of him without one around his neck. The word Photography is a combination of the Greek words 'Photo' meaning light and 'Graphia' meaning writing or drawing, which means photography literally means drawing with light. Light certainly makes a photograph and this is why I chose the name LoveLightPhotography. For more information, see www.lovelightphotographyiow.com
Young inspiring Photographers
Jasmine Lake
I am 17 years old and I have had an interest in photography for a few years now and it has grown into a passion of mine. Being home-educated means I have been able to devote a lot of my time to develop my skills. I enjoy landscape photography and spend a lot of my time down by the sea capturing shots. More work can be found on my Facebook page @jasminelakephotography.co.uk

Taylor Ronald Sedgwick
I got my dad's first digital camera when I was 18 months old and I love taking photos - just like my dad, granddad's and great granddad. I prefer taking photos of things rather than people, unless it is my family. I want to try to start taking my camera everywhere, just in case, just like my Grandpa Sedgi did. More Work can be found on My Facebook Page - @myminiwight
Billy Wright
I have always liked taking photos, of all kind of things, landscape, aircraft you name it. I enjoy taking these photos because I think if I don’t take that photo it is a lost opportunity to do something bigger and better next time. Having my father being a great photographer helps, as he also gives me the motivation to be able to carry on and take more and more photographs. Flickr Link: https://www.flickr.com/people/153436152@N02/

Jamie Mallon
My passions are dance and photography. My main genres in photography are landscapes / seascapes, macro and portraiture, however my favorite things to take are long exposures along the water at sunset. I first started photography by taking lots and lots pictures with my phone although most of them weren't that great, and that's when I picked up my Mum’s micro four thirds camera and started an online photography course from The Image Academy. This is where I learnt all about the basics of photography (aperture, shutter speed iso, composition, etc), which I then used to practice on our family holiday to Disney World Florida. Then Christmas came and I got my own very first camera, a Nikon d5300 with the kit lens, and a 55-300mm f4.5-5.6, which I still use now. After that I used my camera a lot, and I started to take lots of landscape photos. For my birthday I got a wide angle lens (Sigma 10-20mm f3.5) to get a wider field of view and to have better image quality at wider focal lengths, and now this is the lens I shoot with most often and is also my favourite. More of my work can be found on my Facebook page @ jamiemphotopage
If you would like to feature in one of Ztam Arts’ exhibitions, contact them by email info@ztamart.co.uk  

"They look after you and they're so caring. I'm not frightened of dying."


Chrissie Fenton, patient