Care at home

Given the choice, most people tell us they would prefer to die in their own homes, with familiar people and things around them. We aim to make this happen wherever possible. We deliver our services in our community across the whole of our Island, wherever people live, providing care services to over 600 people at any one time. This includes within supported housing, and in nursing and residential homes.

This care takes the form of frequent home visits by an expert nurse specialising in end-of-life care, hands-on support from registered community nurses, and overnight and daytime respite care from trained nurses and carers delivering domiciliary (personal) care packages. We also offer pre and post bereavement support in people's own homes.

Our expert Community Clinical Nurse Specialists are Earl Mountbatten Hospice nurses and are paid for from our annual budget. We are not part of any larger national charity - all of the funds you raise for the hospice on the Isle of Wight go directly towards caring for and supporting your community here on the Island.

Our Rapid Discharge and Domiciliary Care Service provides personal care packages, which can prevent people having to go into the hospice or hospital, or help them leave these places to go home. Our team is usually able to start a care package within four hours.

Am I eligible for the service?

Anyone who is over 18 who needs end of life care is eligible for care from our adult team. We also provide services for children and families

How can I be referred?

Any health professional can refer you to the service, with your permission. When you are referred, a nurse from the hospice will contact you and together, following assessment, you can make a plan of care that is best suited to your needs.

Why have I been referred to Earl Mountbatten Hospice?

We know that being told your illness is no longer responsive to curative treatment can cause great anxiety, shock and stress. We are here to help you through every aspect of your illness; our goal is to help you achieve the very best quality of life possible so you can live your life as fully as possible. Our care includes treating your pain and other symptoms, as well as providing you, your family and carers with practical information and emotional support.

Where can I be seen?

You can be seen by our expert team of Community Clinical Nurse Specialists wherever you live across the Isle of Wight. This includes in your own home, nursing home or residential care home, as well as in supported housing. You might also prefer to see one of our nurse specialists as an Outpatient in the John Cheverton Centre, at our Newport site. 

What care and support will the Earl Mountbatten Community Clinical Nurse Specialist provide?

Our team of expert Clinical Nurse Specialists are highly trained and have a great deal of experience to support both people with life-limiting illnesses and their families. The team can provide hands-on personal care and help give medication. They will work very closely with your GP and District Nurse to make sure you, your family and carers are supported physically, psychologically, socially and spiritually. They can also help you to maintain your independence by giving advice and providing equipment to make life more comfortable and easier. Our team includes specially trained volunteers who can come and visit you to provide company and support. 

When will I see an expert Earl Mountbatten Community Clinical Nurse Specialist?

Once you have been referred, one of our Clinical Nurse Specialists will assess your needs and, working closely with other health and social care professionals such as GPs and District Nurses, will co-ordinate your care. Ongoing home visits will be planned, and if you are able to travel, you will be able to access services based at the John Cheverton Centre.

Do I have to pay for care?

No, all of our services are free, but as a registered charity donations are always welcome

How can I contact the Community Clinical Nurse Specialists?

You can contact the community team by phone (01983) 533331 

"They anticipate my needs and I believe go the extra mile in ensuring the quality of my life is enhanced".


Wendy Young, patient