Community Equipment Service

Earl Mountbatten Hospice's Community Equipment Service can provide equipment to help you to live independently at home. The equipment we provide can support you with carrying out day to day tasks, and make it easier for people to care for you. Providing the right equipment can also help you to move back home after being on our Inpatient Unit. All equipment is loaned, delivered and collected free of charge, although there are some conditions we ask you to kindly observe.

How to contact us

You can contact the Community Equipment Service by phone (01983) 217347. If we are unable to answer, you can leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

How can I get hold of equipment?

All loaned equipment will have been prescribed by the Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy or Community Team at Earl Mountbatten Hospice. This is to make sure that it is clinically appropriate and suitable for your needs. It is important that the equipment is not used by anyone else and it must be used according to the manufacturer's instructions and as demonstrated to you by our team.

How long can I keep equipment?

All equipment is loaned for a three month period. During this period, the person who prescribed the equipment to you will reassess it to make sure it is still suitable for you. They may remove or change the equipment based on your needs.

Maintenance of equipment

We will make sure that all loaned equipment will have been serviced and, where necessary, tested to comply with electrical and lifting regulations. At times, it may be necessary to carry out routine servicing and testing of the equipment whilst it is loaned to you. If this is needed, a Community Equipment Services or an Island Mobility engineer will contact you directly to arrange an appointment. (Island Mobility is our independent tester of equipment) If you need to contact Island Mobility, you can phone (01983) 530000


If your equipment breaks down, or is damaged, you should contact the Community Equipment Service so that they can either repair or replace the equipment. You must not, under any circumstances, attempt to repair the equipment yourself.

What if I move home?

If you move from your current address, please inform the Community Equipment Service so that they can support you by moving and setting up your equipment in your new home.

Returning equipment

When your loaned equipment is no longer needed, please contact the Community Equipment Service to arrange for them to collect it. If you have been supplied equipment from other organisations, for example the Red Cross or Integrated Community Equipment Service (ICES), we are usually able to co-ordinate a combined collection or return the equipment on your behalf

 "What should have been a very stressful time was eased by the love, professionalism and warmth we received from all the staff." 


Sandra Aldridge, wife of Colin