Donation guidelines

Every time you donate something to our Mountbatten shops across the Isle of Wight, you are helping to make a real difference to caring and supporting Islanders through their last years of life. We are truly grateful for anything you are able to give, but due to safety rules and or legal regulations to protect us all, there are some items we are not able to sell in our shops.

We cannot accept: 

Items for children

  • Any bicycle or 'ride-on' items that have brakes
  • Children's shoes that have already been worn
  • Personal safety aids, including crash helmets, visors, riding hats, life jackets and wearable inflatable safety aids.
  • Prams, pushchairs
  • Cots, bunk beds, door baby bouncer, collapsible high chairs

Items for adults

  • Any bicycle or 'ride-on' items that have brakes
  • Petrol, Gas and Oil fuelled items, such as lawn mowers, strimmer, ovens, heaters and lights
  • Personal safety aids – crash helmets, visors, riding hats, life jackets and wearable inflatable swim aids
  • Body jewellery – used ear, eyebrow, tongue and navel piercings
  • Cosmetics – used or opened items
  • Weapons – Pocket and filleting knives, guns, swords, nunchucks etc
  • Pet equipment – used bedding, beds, crates, cages, collars, leads and grooming equipment
  • Food – Drinks, food stuff, homemade or shop bought (although we may be able to use as fundraising raflle prizes)
  • Electrical items – Electric blankets, heat pads, foot heat pads, infra-red lamps, health lamps
  • Microwaves and cookers
  • Christmas tree lights 
  • Lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and strimmers – only if PAT tested and have user safety manua
  • Foot spa - Hygiene
  • Other items we cannot sell due to lack of demand – Video and cassette tapes, golf clubs, used duvets and pillows, exercise equipment, dark wood large furniture, media unit

If you have any questions about what we can and can't sell, please don't hesitate to get in touch

 "What should have been a very stressful time was eased by the love, professionalism and warmth we received from all the staff." 


Sandra Aldridge, wife of Colin