Join us on 13 May 2018

How the money you raise will help

It’s a fact that we will all be affected by death, dying and bereavement and at some stage your life may be touched by the work of Mountbatten. Every step you take and every pound you raise will make a difference to how we live and how we die.
This year we are introducing our new bronze, silver, gold and platinum badges to recognise your fundraising achievements and to say thank you for supporting the work of Mountbatten.

These badges will follow on from our limited edition 35th anniversary badges, which marked our special year in 2017, and will celebrate your fundraising for us over the coming years.
It costs an average of £18,767 per day to provide our services to the Island community.

This is how the money you raise will help:

£100 Bronze fundraiser

  • gives a dying person a day of personal care in the comfort of their own home                      
  • pays for three hours of highly specialised and expert nursing care to support dying people and their families
  • provides a day of support from our chaplaincy team, to help people find solace and meaning at the most challenging of times     

£500 Silver fundraiser

  • provides 16 Inpatients with fresh and healthy meals for one day
  • allows a group of patients with Dementia to enjoy three sessions of music therapy with their families and carers, to keep living whilst dying
  • provides eight sessions of weekly circuit training and exercise in our rehabilitation gym for up to six people who are in the last years of life

£1000 Gold fundraiser

  • provides a family of five with a course of expert bereavement counselling to help them come to terms with the death of a loved one
  • provides twenty people with a specialised walking frame, enabling them to remain independently mobile both indoors and out
  • enables a group of people to enjoy a week of art therapy, supporting them to explore their creativity and to retain a sense of normality

£5000 Platinum fundraiser 

  • pays for a highly specialised bed and pressure relieving mattress to provide the greatest comfort possible to a dying patient on our hospice ward 
  • supplies enough oxygen to our patients on the hospice ward for five months
  • supports our service for Young Adults, enabling young people living with terminal or life-threatening illness to have access to appropriate care and support tailored to their individual needs and preferences

How it works

Badges will be sent out at the end of every quarter (end of March, June, September & December).

Please ensure your donations are sent to us clearly stating your name, address and contact details, otherwise we won’t be able to send your badge.

For qualifying donations recieved towards the end of each quarter, a badge will be sent out to you at the end of the the follwing quarter. For example, if we recieve your donation in the last week of March your badge will be sent at the end of June. This is because of the time it takes to process your donation on our database. If you have handed in your donation via our shops please allow extra time for your donation to be processed.
If you haven’t received your badge within 28 days, please contact us on (01983) 217300.
Badges are awarded on a cumulative basis; once you’ve raised £100 and have received your bronze badge, this amount will count towards your silver badge and so on. Each badge will only be awarded once.
When you receive your badge we hope you’ll wear it with pride and inspire others to be as awesome as you!

Badges can only be issued to individual fundraisers. If you are fundraising as part of a team but want the money you’ve raised yourself to count towards your own badge, you would need to send your total in separately with a note saying your contribution also needs to be included towards your team's total (please clearly state your team name when you contact us).

If the team total is sent in one go under the name of one individual, the whole amount will be attributed to that one person and they will only receive one badge.

"It's another's kept me in this world!"


Maureen, Patient