Preparing for your stay

Preparing for your stay on the Inpatient Unit

We would encourage you to bring in any items that will help you continue with your normal routines, as much as possible, if you wish to. This may include:

Day clothes
Shoes and slippers
Walking aids
Personal Wheelchair
Specialised equipment for moving
Pressure cushions
Communication aids
Nutrition support devices or fluid thickening products

You are welcome to bring in any valuables or personal items, but please be aware that we are unable to take responsibility for valuable items unless they have been given to the nursing staff for safekeeping. 

Unfortunately, we do not have a cashpoint at the hospice. The nearest cashpoint is at nearby Fairlee Garage on Fairlee Road, leading into Newport town centre.

Each bedroom has a phone, which accepts incoming calls (via the main switchboard - 01983 529511). Outgoing calls can be made free of charge. Mobile phones can be used in the hospice. The mobile phone signal inside the building can be unreliable, but is generally good outside.

There is a Wi-Fi connection on the ward and in the John Cheverton Centre, and you are welcome to bring in your laptop, smart phone or tablet. There are also PCs with internet access available to use in the John Cheverton Centre. These services are provided free of charge.

Each bedroom has a television with access to TV and radio channels for your use. We do not charge for these facilities.

Newspapers and magazines can be ordered and paid for the day before from one of our volunteers.

We have an on-site laundry which takes care of all bed linen. However, we do ask if a family member or friend could do your personal laundry. If necessary, though, we will wash items of clothing. 

We have a chapel which is always open for quiet space, reflection and contemplation.

We encourage you to go out with your family and friends if you wish during your stay, but please do make sure a member of staff is aware that you are leaving the ward. The John Cheverton Centre is, of course, also available for you and your family and friends to make use of during your stay. 

There is a no smoking policy (including e-cigarettes) which applies to any part of our building and grounds. We do, though, have a smoking room for people staying on the ward and a designated outdoor area.

All care is provided for free and is paid for through the generosity of the Island community, as well as the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

 "What should have been a very stressful time was eased by the love, professionalism and warmth we received from all the staff." 


Sandra Aldridge, wife of Colin