Social Work

A progressive life-limiting illness affects all aspects of life, as well as day to day functioning.  It can affect relationships, income, housing, employment and emotional well-being.

How can a social worker help?

Our experienced, qualified social worker at Mountbatten offers practical, social and emotional support to patients and their families during their hospice stay. Working alongside a range of other professionals, they can help to reduce stress and improve your quality of life. A social worker can help conversations between patients and carers, family members or friends and can encourage you to think about practical plans that might need to be put in place.

If you are admitted, you may also want to know how you will manage on discharge. Our social worker can meet you and your family, carer or friends, to help you to consider ways to support you when you return home.  These options may include returning home with a package of care, or perhaps moving to a nursing home.

Here social worker Sally List explains why it is so important to make a Will


Financial advice

Our social worker can also support carers with financial and benefits advice, liaising with the Local Authority Social Services Department and help with accessing other agencies and services.

If you are a patient under the care of Earl Mountbatten, then you or a member of your family or a friend can directly contact the social worker. You can ask them for any information or advice.

"It's another's kept me in this world!"


Maureen, Patient