Spiritual care

Earl Mountbatten has a firm commitment to the total care of its patients, their families and friends. Spiritual care forms a crucial part of this total provision.

We have a chapel which is a place for reflection, contemplation or prayer, open to those of all faiths or none. Those who have died can be remembered in a Remembrance Book.

As part of our spiritual care, we have a chaplaincy team and chaplaincy volunteers. Representatives of all the main faith communities can soon be contacted. We aim to be responsive to all needs and embrace our whole community. 

We hold memorial services for family and friends to attend, usually around six months after the death of a relative. These are non-denominational and are held every second month. They are organised jointly with the Psychology and Bereavement Service.

Lights of Love service

Our commitment to spiritual care extends to the whole of our Island community. 

Our Lights of Love ceremony, in early December each year, is one at which all who want to can pay tribute to the memories of people they have lost by dedicating a light on our Christmas Tree and placing their name in our Remembrance Book.

"They look after you and they're so caring. I'm not frightened of dying."


Chrissie Fenton, patient