Leave a Gift or Legacy in your Will

Even a small gift will help to give every person who comes to us the care and support they need. By remembering Earl Mountbatten in your Will, you are offering hope to future generations who may need our specialist medical care and support.

The Importance of Making a Will

Nearly two thirds of people die without making a Will, as they think it’s not something they need or they "just haven’t got around to it yet". However if you die before you make a Will, it can make things very difficult for your family, and they may also end up with costly legal fees.  Don’t put it off – making a Will can provide peace of mind, provide for family and friends, and ensure you are in control of everything you own.

A gift to Earl Mountbatten in your Will is an extra way of looking after the people you care about: your own family, your friends and even people you’ll never know. People you will want to help because you know how wonderful it can be to receive care from Earl Mountbatten. Your gift will help make sure we can be there for all of them if they ever need us, whether that’s ten, twenty or thirty years from now.

The hospice advises anyone making a Will to take legal advice. A solicitor will be able to guide you through each step of the process, and advise you on the different types of legacy you can leave.

Care is free for our patients and their families and carers but is not free to provide. A gift in your Will will cost you nothing now but will help secure the future of Earl Mountbatten.

Gifts can come in all shapes and sizes. Big ones, small ones…£100, £1,000, £10,000…1% of an estate or 100%...or anything that’s left over after other gifts have been made – and every gift means so much to us.

Leaving a legacy is very easy to do and, as charitable donations are not taxable, Earl Mountbatten will benefit from the full amount of your pledge. It can also help to reduce your liability for Inheritance Tax.

If you are thinking about leaving a gift in your Will and would like to talk to someone before consulting a solicitor, please email fundraising@mountbatten.org.uk or call on 01983 217300

"They look after you and they're so caring. I'm not frightened of dying."


Chrissie Fenton, patient