Volunteer in our shops

We are always looking for volunteers to help support our shops and warehouse, so we can turn our donations into vital funds to support people across the Isle of Wight.

John Cheverton Centre Shop

In the heart of Mountbatten Hospice, this role is very much about being with our visiting families and public, who take time out to explore the site. This could involve selling a book to someone being cared for on our ward, dealing with an incoming delivery, or providing people or families with the one item they forgot to pack.

High Street shops

It's all about being there! Talking to our customers, you become the face of Mountbatten. For many of our visitors, you become the 'fount of all knowledge' about our events, fundraising and the care we provide. We operate as a normal store would do, so one minute you could be on the till, and the next you might be putting out the incoming delivery or providing excellent customer service. There's never a 'normal' day, and if you like variety you will love this customer facing role. 

Warehouse - Donation and Distribution Centre, Newport

Do you like rummaging? Interested in the past? Like seeing the next bargain before it hits the stores? Then volunteering at the warehouse / donations centre in Newport could be for you. If sorting or exploring is your thing, then this is the location for you.  Watch our video to find out more!


For all of our vacancies, feel free to pop in and see our store managers and have a coffee with them, so you can see what we do and where we need your help!

You can also contact our Voluntary Services team by calling (01983) 217322.

 "What should have been a very stressful time was eased by the love, professionalism and warmth we received from all the staff." 


Sandra Aldridge, wife of Colin