Volunteer for Us

When people ask what they could do as a volunteer, the short answer is - almost anything! Volunteers support our work in every department.  Some volunteer to support the people and families we care for, others help in administrative roles.  A large number work in our shops, whilst others assist on an occasional basis with fundraising activities.  

Every single person who volunteers for us, in whatever role they undertake, is directly helping our Island community. If you would like to come and have an informal chat with our Voluntary Services team by phone (01983) 217320 or email voluntary.services@mountbatten.org.uk 

If you are interested in volunteering in one of our shops, just pop in and speak to the manager or assistant, who can talk you through the different tasks you could help with. You can also fill in an application form by clicking this link and send it by email to volunteer.application@mountbatten.org.uk

Just some of the ways you could volunteer!

  • Helping people stay independent at home
  • Driving people to appointments
  • Serving customers in our ten shops
  • Supporting families who’ve been bereaved
  • Welcoming people at our Mountbatten Hospice receptions
  • Answering phones with our admin team
  • Sorting through donations in our warehouse
  • Supporting people on our ward to eat meals
  • Helping our fundraising team at events

Whether you can spare an hour or give a week, we’d love to hear from you! Call 01983 217322 or email voluntary.services@mountbatten.org.uk

Volunteer stories


Karen Spiers
Mountbatten Fundraising volunteer

Mountbatten is a cause close to Karen’s heart.
Her parents, brother in law and uncle spent their last days at Mountbatten Hospice and, ten years ago, Karen joined Mountbatten Fundraising to give something back.
Her role is varied and includes everything from office admin to planning and attending events, selling merchandise and stocktaking.
Karen also gets involved in Mountbatten’s major events, such as Walk the Wight, for which she co-ordinates the flat walk.

Karen said: "I just love being here, I feel like part of the team and it’s so rewarding.
I try to encourage other people to come and volunteer, too.
We support more than 650 Islanders every day in their own homes, which is just phenomenal, so we need all the help we can get.
I think very few families have been lucky enough not to need the help of Mountbatten at one time or another, so it’s very important we all do our bit to support it!"


Carl Bridgeman
Mountbatten Cafe Volunteer

Volunteering provided that extra dimension to Carl’s life when he retired from work. He joined Mountbatten's Sunflower Cafe 18 months ago and now volunteers for three sessions a week.

He said: “It was one of those things where I felt like I must do something. I just wanted something extra to add to my week. My friend, who is a driver, was encouraging me to volunteer and when the cafe role came up, I thought I would give it a go and I really liked it.” Aside from his usual cafe duties, which include assisting the cafe supervisor, preparing food and drink, cleaning, serving patients and their families and providing a listening ear, Carl has gone on to help organise regular fundraising quizzes there.

He said: “It’s an amazing place to volunteer. It’s uplifting and, among the staff, I’ve never seen an unhappy face. For anyone considering volunteering I would say ‘try it’. It’s immensely rewarding and you’re helping people that really need it, as well as a facility that we all need.”

Derek Grant
Mountbatten Volunteer driver

One of the many roles that we need more people to fulfil is that of volunteer driver. This incredibly rewarding role involves picking up people from their homes to bring them to the John Cheverton Centre for medical appointments and activities.
Derek Grant has been a Mountbatten volunteer driver for six years. He volunteers for one day a week and explained the motivation for getting involved: “I left work about seven years ago, and after about a year of doing nothing at home - except for things like cutting the lawn - a neighbour who is a Mountbatten nurse gave me an application form so I applied.
“I enjoy having a structure to my week and there is a great enjoyment in seeing people happy when you are helping them, and providing a service which they wouldn’t otherwise have. And, it does get you out of the house, rather than being stuck inside watching daytime television!”
Denise Frogbrook
Mountbatten Shop volunteer

Denise has volunteered at Mountbatten’s Cowes shop for nearly a year and, like so many others, has a personal reason for supporting Mountbatten.

She said: “My husband died at Mountbatten Hospice just over two years ago and I always had it in mind to do something to say thank you. Someone I knew was already volunteering and it gave me an extra push to do it. I started with the intention of giving something back but, actually, it has really helped me, too.”

In the shop, Denise’s role includes serving customers on the till, unpacking and pricing items from the warehouse and meeting and greeting customers. She does two shifts a week.

She said: “It’s a really lovely place to volunteer. I would say if you like people, you would love volunteering in a Mountbatten shop. I work with a great team and get to meet so many friendly people.”
Helen Shipman
Mountbatten Volunteer
Retired nurse Helen attended a volunteering day at Mountbatten a decade ago and has never looked back.
Over the years, Helen has fulfilled a number of voluntary roles at Mountbatten, including in the cafe, in-patient unit, spiritual care and main building but has spent the past four years as a receptionist in the John Cheverton Centre.

Her role includes welcoming people, checking in those attending appointments, showing people around the building as well as other admin jobs, when necessary.

She said: “For me, the main thing is the people we support and I think it’s really important to meet and greet them with a smile. Sometimes, I can see they’re nervous and if I can make them feel a little more comfortable then that’s my role.

“It’s a lovely, happy place to be. To anyone considering volunteering I would say please come and volunteer, it doesn’t matter what you can do, you will be welcome and we will find a role for you. Every bit of help is so valuable.”


"They anticipate my needs and I believe go the extra mile in ensuring the quality of my life is enhanced".


Wendy Young, patient