Pam is one of Mountbatten’s bereavement support volunteers who have extended their support by regularly keeping in touch over the phone. This is Pam's story:

I had been feeling a little isolated and out of touchmissing the camaraderie and friendship that I get from the hospice sadly because of the nature of this pandemic and having to self-isolate at home.  I  was also feeling a little sad at not feeling able to help in some small way in my work as a bereavement support volunteer, with so many who needed this support.

But an opportunity arose for me along with several other members of our excellent team to still carry on our work by telephone - listening, talking and helping those who need bereavement support during these very unprecedented times. 

I know how much this not only hopefully means to them but also to me personally as a volunteer, like so many of you here at the hospice and under the umbrella of the hospice everywhere know.  But I feel there will be light through the tunnel and life will get back to some normality hopefully in the near future for us all as Mountbatten volunteers and we can return to what we do best and enjoy with camaraderie and friendship in supporting the hospice and everything it stands for again.