Schools Walk the Wight fundraising packs are normally sent directly to schools but due to Coronavirus schools are now closed so we are sending packs directly to parents of children who have signed up.

We need parents to complete this form  Once parents have submitted their home address we will send the map and sticker packs as soon as possible. We apologise for any delay to the delivery which may be disrupted due to coronavirus and will be in touch about how to pay in your fundraising at a later date. Please email us if you haven't received your pack. Registrations are sent to our printers on Monday each week for fulfilment.

In the meantime, have fun completing your child's miles with them. All activities count this year....walking, running, dancing, bouncing, scooting, cycling. Staying safe and in your home doesn't mean you and your family can't be active.

Fill all the sticker spaces on the map, send us a picture of the completed map (with your child in the photo too, if they want) and they will receive their medal and certificate. Share any photos or videos if you wish and show us how your family is taking part for 2020.

We need your help more than we ever have done, to care for our Islanders and their families and give them the support that they need.

So please......Walk the Wight your Way and raise as much as you can for Mountbatten!

Thank you very much.

Stay safe.