"I invite you to stand alongside Derek and others like him by dedicating a light on our Mountbatten Remembrance Tree this Christmas," says Dr Jane Hazeldine, Consultant Psychologist, Mountbatten.

"Mountbatten’s Bereavement Team is doing everything possible to help Derek to come to terms with the death of his wife, Lorraine. She died during lockdown following a short battle with Cancer. Like many people we care for, Derek looked to us for support after experiencing her death. We are giving Derek all the time, space and support that he needs.

"For Derek, dedicating a light on our tree and lighting a candle for Lorraine is a way for him to honour her memory. You can stand with Derek and pay tribute to your loved ones this year by taking part in Light up a Life with Mountbatten.

"Your donation will make sure that Derek and hundreds of families like his are not alone in the darkest of times.

"I hope you will join us this year to Light Up a Life with Mountbatten and in doing so remember someone special to you this Christmas.

I send you my warmest wishes."

Dr Jane Hazeldine

Consultant Psychologist, Mountbatten.