Steve has spent many years as a management professional utilising his project management, sales and marketing skills in preparing companies for acquisition, including Fincantiere, Nalples, Monfacconie, Chantiers, Atlantic, A&P Appledore, Cape Canaveral. 

Steve has also developed partnered customer and supplier relationships with several companies, including, VT Shipbuilding, VT Halmatic, BAE Systems, Johnson Controls, Feet Support and Flagship training, Esso, Exon Mobile, Honda, to name a few.

Steve participates in many fundraising activities both on a personal basis and as a member of the Southampton Round Table, of which Steve has served as Chairman and President. 

Steve has a great love of many sports, including cricket, golf, shooting and sailing. Steve is the founder member of the Old Ship Golf Society for local businesses in Hampshire and is Vice Chairman of the Southampton Evening Cricket League.