Walk the Wight 2019 Photographers brief

Having professional images of this event makes a huge difference to how we can promote and market future events to increase the funds raised for Island people. The gift of your time and expertise really means a lot and we very much appreciate it, thank you. 

What we need:

We require the assistance of photographers to provide images of the walk that interpret the atmosphere, represent the key groups who take part and showcase the stunning views. In particular, we are looking for close-up images that hone in on the emotion of the day and capture people’s faces, hopefully alight with joy at taking part! Of course, we also appreciate iconic shots of walkers and beautiful scenery that show the scale of the event.

How it will help:

Mountbatten will use these images for promoting future events to increase the funds raised for Island people. Adverts in print and online, social media promo, walker packs for following years, presentations on the event, website and more. Credit to the photographer will be given where possible. Please read the Volunteers Photographers agreement (below), by agreeing to photograph the event you are consenting to this agreement.

In the week post event, we will upload all the images you provide onto our Facebook page and into an album credited to you (please let us know the name of your Facebook page so we can tag you.) Which will then be shared with our 8,283 followers. We see a massive increase in engagement during the WTW period, especially post event when people are viewing the photo albums to spot themselves and their friends. As with any public Facebook profile, please note that we are not able to restrict onward sharing of photos.

‘Our reach on Facebook alone on the day of WTW18 was 29,453 - our total reach on Facebook during the Walk the Wight period (12/05/18 – 18/05/18) was 101,559.’

Volunteer photographers needed at the following locations/times


Where - Main Walk


First half walk - East wight (roaming)


Bembridge Start/Culver Down/Brading Bugle




Second half walk - West wight (roaming)


Carisbrooke field/Castle AM

8:30am – 10:30am

Carisbrooke field/Castle PM

11am - 1pm

Mottistone checkpoint

12pm – 2pm

Freshwater Golf Course/Bay

12pm – 2pm

Freshwater Bay/Tennyson

10am - 1:30pm

The Needles Landmark Attraction FINISH - AM

11am – 2pm

The Needles Landmark Attraction FINISH - PM

2pm - 5pm


Where - Flat Walk


Sandown - Flat Walk start

8am – 9.30am



Shide - Flat Walk finish


Where - Schools Walk


Freshwater Bay - Schools walk start

9am – 10.30am


10:30am - 12:30pm

The Needles Landmark Attraction FINISH

11:30am - 1:30pm


 We would like you to capture the following:


  • Faces and expressions – happy, smiling, having fun, emotion at finish lines
  • Natural, people in ‘motion’, posed images are fine but they need to be dynamic/capture emotion
  • Walkers in NEW Orange t shirts t shirt and dogs in new bandanas
  • Volunteers and marshals on the day
  • Starts and finishes – walkers with their medals
  • Fancy dress and teams walking together
  • People who have photos/words on their t-shirts which show they are walking in memory of someone – sometimes these are large groups walking in memory of a person
  • Dogs and owners of all shapes and sizes and dogs with their Pet Doctors medals at the end of the walk
  • Those that show scale of event and numbers taking part
  • Some landscape images that will capture the beauty of the route
  • Ideally with good visibility of their black and white walker numbers (usually worn on the front of their T-shirts) – even dogs!


Post Event – all images to be edited and provided in a high res and low res version (happy if the ‘best’ images are sent high res and all others low) to [email protected] via We Transfer (https://wetransfer.com/). It would be really helpful if these could be sent as soon as possible after the event, as this helps us to capitalise on the post-event communications.

Please provide us with your mobile phone number should we need to contact you before the event or on the day itself.

Your ‘Official Photographer’ badge can be collected from the Mountbatten Hospice reception in advance of the event. We will let you know when they are ready. If you are unable to collect, please let us know and we will arrange for the badge to be sent to you. You must wear this badge on the day.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch with [enter name] on 217300.

On behalf of all our patients, their family’s friends and carers - thank you for your support of Walk the Wight and Mountbatten.



Dear photographer,

Many thanks for offering to be a volunteer photographer for Mountbatten. Your help is much appreciated. To ensure that Mountbatten can be confident in using your photographs, and that you are happy with the way we use them, please find below terms. By becoming an official photographer at our events, you are agreeing to these terms:

As the photographer you:

  • Will ensure that Mountbatten is free to use the images you supply to us without breaching copyright or any agreements you may have made with third parties
  • Agree with the brief supplied to you
  • Will supply hi-res and low-res images within one-week post-event, via We Transfer (https://wetransfer.com/), to the email address specified in the brief
  • Will ensure that when taking photos, privacy of the subject is respected (e.g if a subject request that their photo is not taken) and you are aware of your responsibilities under GDPR

Please note that all event participants have consented to their image being taken but we must cease to take/store/use their image when directly requested. Please also advise any participant making this request to contact us directly

  • Will not give to any third parties any images you have taken at Mountbatten events
  • Will not use images taken at Mountbatten events for financial or commercial gain, other than for inclusion in your portfolio or to raise funds for Mountbatten. If you wish to raise funds for Mountbatten through the use of your photos, please contact us for further information
  • Will wear the ‘Official Photographer’ badge (supplied to you in advance of the event) during the event. You agree to return the badge within one-week post-event

Mountbatten will:

  • Credit the images you supply where possible
  • Upload the images you supply to our Facebook page, into an album credited to you (please let us know your Facebook page so we can tag you). We reserve the right to remove any images that we consider unsuitable
  • forward any enquiries about buying images supplied by you directly to yourself
  • have a named member of staff for you to liaise with and answer any enquires you have before, during and after the event
  • provide you with an ‘Official Photographer’ badge prior to each event


Please respond by email to [email protected] with your contact details and confirmation that you agree to the terms above.

Yours sincerely,