On 8th May 2022 I will be walking 26.5 miles to say thank you to Mountbatten, who provided me with invaluable support when I was at my sickest. The date of Walk the Wight is very significant to me, because on 8th May 2020, I was in hospital and didn’t think I would survive.

My life changed overnight when I developed a rare and life- threatening condition. I became acutely unwell and unstable, and my future was very uncertain. Mountbatten hospice provided me with a safe space where I could receive specialist psychological support. They allowed me to come to terms with my condition; openly discuss the reality of facing death; accept the uncertainty of my future; and start to process the traumatic experiences I was enduring. Although I will always have this condition and an uncertain future, I’m grateful that I’m currently receiving treatment that is keeping me stable. I want to take on every opportunity and challenge while I’m able to, and in the process raise money to say thank you and show my gratitude to Mountbatten for everything they’ve done for me.

Walk the Wight is going to be a huge physical challenge for me. Due to my illness, complications and necessary treatment and medication, I became bed bound in 2020. At my sickest, I couldn’t even walk a few steps. Since I started to stabilise in 2021, I have slowly been increasing and improving my mobility. However, walking 26.5 miles will be monumental for my body. By taking on this challenge, I’m so excited to be able to give something back to our amazing local hospice! Ernest will be keeping me company to give me moral support, doggy cuddles, (and he really wants a medal!) Any donations would be so appreciated to help Mountbatten continue the incredible work that they do.
Sophie Norsworthy