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Christine Walden

In memory of my dear Mum who was also my best friend. Miss you and Dad so much. God bless xxx 14 Dec 1946 - 01 Nov 2016 Read more

Jean Edna Cornish

The best, most selfless Mum anyone could have wished for and a much missed grandmother to Lily. One year without you and not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts. 09 May 1947 - 24 Nov 2019 Read more

Clare Russell

We dedicate this light in loving memory of a devoted wife, beautiful daughter, loving mother, proud nana and much loved friend. Clare Louise Russell 21.04.1964 - 15.07.2020 Those who touch our lives, stay in our hearts forever. 21 Apr 1964 - 15 Jul 2020 Read more

Edgar Heath

Our wonderful Ed , who was 96 when he left us in August 2014 ...so much missed by all his family and many friends , both on the Island and in Cheshire. Fondest memories , so many happy times , always loved and in our hearts forever.... David , Mary-Anne and Peter 11 Jun 1918 - 12 Aug 2014 Read more

Zoe Panayi

Zoe is my beautiful, loving, caring daughter & wonderful Mummy to her 2 beautiful little boys, Theo & Tobias. Zoe meant the world to everyone who knew her. Zoe sadly passed away & went to heaven aged 26, only 55 days after being diagnosed with Melanoma. Zoe is missed by all her family & friends every second of every day ❤ 24 Feb 1994 - 29 May 2020 Read more

Shirley Whitney

In memory of Shirley thank you for six wonderful years for which we both found love again. Bless you for being you . Always in my heart Jim xxx 16 Sep 1946 - 24 Jul 2021 Read more

Ben Bishop

A loving and amazing Husband, Dad, Papa and Friend, the strongest man I know. Missed by us all every single day but especially during the holidays. What we wouldn’t give to have you back. Born: 02 May 1963 Read more

Cath sessions

My wonderful mum who grew her wings to soon 10 Jun 1947 - 29 Nov 2018 Read more

Gerald Parslow

In loving memory of our beloved brother Gerald. With love from your sister Brenda, brother in law Brian and your brother Peter. 23 Jun 1930 - 23 Dec 2018 Read more

Lorraine Green

A caring, loving Mother and Grandmother will be sadly missed everyday. XXXX 22 Feb 1964 - 28 May 2020 Read more

Michael Gazzard

A wonderful, very loving, caring & generous husband, father & 'Nandad'. We all love & miss you so much. Forever in our hearts. Debbie, Lee, Emily & Chloe xxx 01 Jun 1936 - 12 Dec 2018 Read more

Mike Rees

He was my husband for 50years and my friend for even longer. He loved life and lived it to the full and he will be missed for ever and thought about daily. He died in August 2019 and we dedicate this light in his memory. 05 Nov 1941 - 26 Aug 2019 Read more

Gladys Goddard

A special mum who meant so much to us all, and is so sadly missed by us all, love you so very much xxxA huge thank you to the Hospice who looked after Glad and us in 1997, we have never forgotten your kindness. 30 Sep 1924 - 25 Jan 1997 Read more

Jemina Smith

Beloved Mum, Mother-in-law and Nanny , much missed and loved . Forever in our hearts , Mary-Anne , Dave and Peter xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 13 May 1930 - 02 Dec 2014 Read more

Derek Morftt

Derek was a loving husband and wonderful Dad. We all miss you everyday, you are always in our thoughts ❤. 18 Dec 1946 - 24 Aug 2016 Read more

Norah Richardson

A wife, sister, mother, grandma and great grandmother; the backbone of the family; our hero. Full of love, kindness, patience and warmth. A remarkable woman who dedicated her whole life to her family. 14 Dec 1944 - 15 Dec 2018 Read more

Doreen Taylor

Doreen was a wonderful wife to Ernie, mom to Julie, in-law to Mark and grandmother to Becky & Ryan. The offer from the lord to take his hand was a great opportunity for her to be pain free. A light from our family may have gone, a voice we loved not heard anymore, but we carry on hearing her in our hearts with all the love, joy and laughter we had together that she left firmly in place in memories for us to cherish forever until we meet again. 11 Nov 1939 - 22 Jan 2016 Read more

Debbie Venables

An inspirational mum who is missed and remembered every day. Always with me 05 Nov 1952 - 27 May 2018 Read more

Ron Angus

We’ll always remember that special smile, that caring heart, that warm embrace with your massive banana hands. You being there for us all through the good times and the bad, no matter what. We’ll always remember you Dad because they’ll never be another one like you! Not a day goes past where we don’t think about you and miss you, time is meant to heal but it doesn’t feel that way. Forever in our hearts ♥️ 02 Jul 1946 - 15 Jul 2018 Read more

Rose Crosby

Rose was a very much loved wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She was born on the Isle of Dogs in 1925, and grew up in Kent, where she lived until shortly after her marriage to Fred. They moved to Walsall in early 1950s where they lived for most of the their married life, having two daughters, Pamela and Gillian. In the 1990s, they moved to Rugeley to be nearer to their daughter Gillian, son-in-law David, and grandchildren, Becky, Trudie, Katy and Chloe. Rose was widowed in 2013, a 07 Sep 1925 - 20 Oct 2018 Read more

Roy(ston) Howard

To the world he was just one man, To one man he was the world. Deceased: 23 Dec 2015 Read more

Rita and Donald Corder

The best of the Best. Soulmates that shared a full and long life together. Loving and supportive parents to their 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren to whom they were immensely proud. Gone but not forgotten, who will be solely missed by us all this Christmas and as we head into a New Year. 25 Aug 1930 - 04 Jan 2020 Read more

Jeremy Westmore

In memory of our lovely brother, Jer, who sadly passed away at Mountbatten Hospice on 7 May 2020 at the age of only 62. Wonderful son, dad, brother and uncle, and a loyal friend to so many. Such a kind, caring and special person who was loved by everyone. He had many interests but his greatest love was football and he was a lifelong supporter of Southampton FC. Life will never be the same without him. We miss him so very much and will love him forever. xxx 20 Nov 1957 - 07 May 2020 Read more

Ernest Ronald Blake

A wonderful father, full of wisdom and laughter. You are always in our hearts. ❤ with love, Ian & Janine 23 Feb 1939 - 18 Sep 2011 Read more

Geoffrey Fry

In loving memory of a dearly missed husband and father. 20 Oct 1947 - 14 Jul 2017 Read more

Joanne Clegg

Jo dedicated her career to working as a child psychiatrist in Mansfield. She loved helping young people with their mental health difficulties and had a special interest helping those with eating disorders as well as establishing specialist clinics for young people with ADHD and their families. Jo loved music, poetry and taking long walks in the countryside. In retirement, she enjoyed many walking holidays all over the world with her husband, Ian, as well as visiting their daughters in far flu 15 Nov 1956 - 17 Aug 2020 Read more

Lionel Crawford

Lionel Crawford is missed very very much. Not only was he our Dad, Husband, Grandad but he was the biggest part of our family, and Family was everything to him. We miss Him so much and life is not the same without him. He loved helping me put up the Christmas Lights and he cooked Christmas Dinner every year. He was a fun, loving, safe, caring person and very strong in everything he did. which he has passed on to us. We love you Dad and miss you more than any words I can write. Love fore 20 Sep 1933 - 06 Oct 2017 Read more

Peter Kemp

My dearest husband Peter who passed away four years ago now. Always remembered and lovingly missed by his wife Edna, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 30 Oct 1935 - 27 Nov 2016 Read more

Steve Roper

DAD & GRANDAD. Grandad is better than google, he knows more. Gone today, never forgotten, always in our thoughts and hearts. Miss you everyday, love you always. Till we meet again don’t forget to visit. With love from Mary, Ella, Ruth and Dean. XXXXX 27 Sep 1958 - 22 Sep 2019 Read more

Jean Clarke

Mum was a lovely Lady and everyone loved her. She had a kind heart and was funny without even knowing it. She was a Great Elvis fan , she loved sewing and knitting , reading . She moved here for the last 4 years of her life and loved every minute. I cared for her and we went on many outings and had lunch around the Island. My sister and her only Grandson Reuben whom she loved dearly would visit as they only lived in Gosport. Jean is a very much missed Mum , Nan, Aunty , and Friend. 30 Nov 1937 - 06 Nov 2019 Read more

Joan Farrow

We are dedicating this light in memory of a loving Mum and Nan, who will stay in our hearts and memories forever and is sadly missed everyday xxxx 13 Dec 1930 - 07 Aug 2020 Read more

Michelle Louise Churches

Michelle the most incredible, brave and strong person I had the privilege to have as a friend xx miss u every single day chick xxxxx Deceased: 08 Sep 2020 Read more

Alice Greentree

Our beloved Mum and Grandma. Who's teaching helped so many. Eternally grateful for all that you have given us. Love you so much! 28 Jul 1942 - 04 Dec 2015 Read more

Margaret Wareing

Margaret was a much loved member of our dance group, Pharaoh's Folk. It was a pleasure to know her and an honour to dance with her. May she dance and sparkle through eternity. Read more

Doreen (Dee) Taylor

Dee is a much loved mum, wife, granny and friend who will be in our thoughts always. Especially at Christmas time. 12 Nov 1953 - 20 Jan 2020 Read more

Steve Fox

Wonderful husband, dad, son, brother and grandad. Taken from us far too young. Loved and missed every day. He enjoyed spending time with his family and riding his motorbike around our beautiful Island. We are grateful to the hospice at home team who provided him with such good care. 14 Jul 1957 - 06 Feb 2015 Read more

Frances Baker

Our mum, Frances, was a warm, lively, enthusiastic lady with a zest for travel and life in general. Mountbatten nurses and carers supported and cared for her in her last weeks. We can’t thank them enough. Missed hugely by her daughters, grandchildren, wider family and friends. Read more


It’s nearly 20 years since you suddenly and sadly passed away. You are so fondly remembered and have left me with some wonderful memories and the strength to carry on living life without you. 13 Feb 1942 - 19 Jul 2001 Read more

Nicola Parkman

To a loving wife. Mother, daughter. We miss and love you so much. Have a great Christmas with your passed loved ones. There is not a day goes by that we do not think of you. Thank you for a great 25 years, with all its ups and downs. RIP. Lots of love. Dave, Nathan, Matthew x 04 Nov 1967 - 18 Jan 2019 Read more

jennifer scrivener

Jennifer Scrivener was a wonderful wife mum and grandmother. she had a caring heart and a warm smile she was always there to listen if we needed to talk. she is sadly missed loads and her family miss her and love her so much and she will be always in our hearts for ever. 02 Nov 1951 - 12 Aug 2020 Read more

Andy Long

This light is for my wonderful husband Andy - My Fluffy as he was to me. My Fluffy meant everything to me. I loved him so much, I still do and I always will. Warm, kind, gentle, intelligent, ever supportive and with the cheekiest sense of humour. I feel so blessed that he chose me to share his life. He faced everything with fortitude, resilience and positivity. It is remembering his resolve that helps me to carry on today. I miss My Fluffy with every beat of my heart but I know he is watching ov 26 Nov 1962 - 18 Mar 2020 Read more

Donald Young

Our wonderful Dad retired boat builder of Fishbourne Lane. Beloved husband of Margaret, and wonderful Dad to Robert, Nigel , Caroline and Papa to Dominic, Jack ,Patrick and James. Loved and missed always and forever xxxxxx 04 Feb 1930 - 21 Oct 2019 Read more

Ann Kendall

Remembering our lovely Nan who was one in a million!! It’s hard to put into words what an amazing lady you where and how special you where to all of us! We will forever be grateful that we had you in our life’s and for all the wonderful memories we have of you! We all miss you dearly! 27 Dec 1937 - 02 Dec 2019 Read more

Colin Smith

An amazing man, father, grandfather, brother and husband who left us far too soon. Remembered every day. We dedicate this light to his memory xxx 06 Jul 1951 - 18 Nov 2012 Read more

Jackie moore

Mama, this will be our second Christmas without you. We all miss and love you so much, always and forever in our hearts. With Grandad, Mark and David ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 31 May 1957 - 22 Sep 2019 Read more

Jean Booth

My beautiful mum not a day goes by without you in our thoughts. You would light up the darkness room with your smile. Missed terribly by everyone that had the pleasure of being with you. 23 Jan 1941 - 06 Jan 2017 Read more

David Henry Leonard

My husband David was the love and the light of my life. Four years gone now but always in my heart. 21 May 1939 - 08 Nov 2016 Read more

Georgina Hall

Remembering Georgina Hall - “a more loving wife, mum and grandmother we could not have wished for and a friend to so many. Rest in Peace xx 02 May 1932 - 02 Dec 2019 Read more

David Vernau

A truly great man who is missed every day. Read more

Shirley Whitney

For our mum on what would also have been our dads 77th birthday. Remembering the great family Christmases we enjoyed together. From your 3 boys, Mark, Stephen, Matthew xxx 16 Sep 1946 - 24 Jul 2020 Read more

Sheila leppard

Our beautiful mum and nan xx taken to soon... Gone but not forgotten, missed so much by us all... Forever in our hearts... We love you always x 29 Sep 1949 - 08 Sep 2019 Read more

Wendy Skinner

My Mum Wendy Skinner was a Fantastic, Kind,Caring,Loving Mother, So Chatty and Down to Earth! She loved her Chihuahuas girls ,Flo and Bella , and Strictly come dancing Queen. going on holiday to see the world. And watching the robin in the garden and enjoying the sun. She much loved by everyone who knew her! She is dearly missed and loved everyday , love you lots mum xxxxxxx 27 Nov 1962 - 25 Dec 2017 Read more

Tony Simons

On 21st June this year my darling Tony lost his life to pancreatic cancer. This time last year, everything was normal, getting ready to celebrate Christmas, never thinking it would be our last together. Tony spent his last weeks in the Mountbatten Hospice and I can't thank them enough for everything they did for both of us. 31 Dec 1954 - 21 Jun 2020 Read more

Dave Ellis

Dave was and still is the love of my life. He was a kind and caring man and is missed so much. He was a lovely Husband, dad, grandpa. son, brother and uncle and he was very proud of his five children and 13 grandchildren. In his younger days he enjoyed many sports and played football until he was 38 years old. He will be mostly remembered for his love of fishing and lawn bowls. He enjoyed helping and serving people, putting their needs before his own. He passed peacefully away at the Mount 04 Sep 1941 - 13 Dec 2017 Read more

Joanne Cumberpatch

My beautiful twin sister, always there with advice, a smile and a laugh. We were always together even if miles were long. We shared so many happy days, from Christmas days when we were young to you being a mum and moving to your new home on the iow. And last July on my wedding day to Darren. We have so many beautiful memories and I miss you every single day. Joanne i love you xxxxx 24 Dec 1970 - 11 Nov 2019 Read more

Arthur Peter Maslen

3rd Christmas without you and what would have been your 70th birthday on 22nd December , you are always in my thoughts. 8 years of love with you my fiancé, You will never be forgotten. Xxx 22 Dec 1950 - 05 May 2018 Read more

Florence Hunns

My beautiful, funny, kind and loving Nanny - you were the very best and I was lucky enough to call you Nan, I was never ready for you to gain your angel wings and miss you every day, you brought so much to my life and I feel you with me always. Still hear you singing "I just called to say how much I love you and I mean it from the bottom of my heart" Love you more xxx 17 Aug 1913 - 03 Jan 1997 Read more

Patrick White

Much loved husband to Mary. Proud Father to Bev, Lesley and Lorna. A much loved Grandad and Great Grandad. Kind hearted, always laughing, loved his family, steam trains, gardening, wrestling, and a pint of bitter or a good whisky. Enjoyed Crown Green Bowling and saw life as a glass half full. We miss you xxx 12 Jan 1937 - 07 Feb 2018 Read more

Cath sessions

My wonderful mum who grew her wings to soon 10 Jun 1947 - 29 Nov 2018 Read more

Clive Wightman

In memory of the best Dad I could hope for. Remembering the good times, the laughter, and all your kindness & support. Passed peacefully at home 25 April 2020. Dad loved the Island and I'm so pleased I can remember through a gift to Mountbatten 23 Jul 1950 - 25 Apr 2020 Read more

Patrick White

My Grandad Paddy. The best man. The one I always looked up to. Taken from us too soon. You were and still are loved by us so much. We are missing you loads. You were and still are the best Dad to Lorna abs the best Grandad to Bexx & Paddy. Just wish you could of met the newest member to the family. Think you would be smitten like we all are. Miss you and will never stop thinking of you xxx 12 Jan 1937 - 07 Feb 2018 Read more

Chris Braithwaite

Chris was the light in my life. She gave purpose and meaning to existence. Her radiant smile filled the room she was in. She actually listened to people and made those around her feel special, as indeed they were, but she enabled them to remember that. She always believed in people and knew life had a way of righting itself if we just gave it the chance. She believed we are all here for a purpose and although we never will know what that particular purpose is, once it has be achieved or accomp 06 May 1955 - 19 Dec 2019 Read more

David Philo

Genuine, kind, understanding, forgiving, intelligent. Above all, at his happiest when pleasing and teaching others. Dad died at Mountbatten Hospice, surrounded by his loving family, on Boxing Day 2017. A gentle and loving man who is so dearly missed by all. Dad was the most natural of teachers, to his students but also to me as his daughter. He had complete patience and an innate ability to impart knowledge without judgement or direct intervention; rather through some effortless coincidence. 24 Aug 1934 - 26 Dec 2017 Read more

Ken and Gary Hughes

Ken and Gary are father and son and are so missed by the entire family. We know they are together and they are looking over us always ❤️ 09 Jan 1945 - 17 Sep 1982 Read more

Robert 'Bob' Maurice Weir

A wonderful stepfather who is sorely missed. Read more

Shirley Batchelor

We are deicating a light to remember Shirley Batchelor, a much loved Mum and Nanny. Missed every single day, Love Charlotte, Charlie, Maisy, Tilly and Scarlett x x x 03 Sep 1950 - 31 Jul 2018 Read more

Brian Aldred

In memory of my dear husband, love of my life and soulmate. I miss your smile, your laugh, your kindness. Together for over half a century, I still miss you more than words can ever say and I dedicate this light to you. I will remember all the happy times we had together and, most of all, a lifetime of love. 01 May 1947 - 25 Jul 2018 Read more

Jennifer Wells

A wonderful Mum who treated me as your own. Miss your wise and levelling words. 07 Nov 1948 - 14 Nov 2011 Read more

Myra Thompson

Myra was my nan, she was also an amazing wife, mother, daughter, great nanny and sister. Nan was the funniest, loving, understanding and most special lady. I was very close to her, and she meant so so much to me. I hope she knows how grateful I am for everything she did for me. She had a heart of gold. Everyone loved her so so much, and we will miss her dearly 💗 15 Jun 1954 - 17 Nov 2020 Read more

Richard Griffiths

Grandpa Taff 💙 He meant the world to each and everyone of us. The man who enjoyed a family gathering and seeing all his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren together. This light up a life is in memory of you this Christmas. Love you always and for ever xxxx 19 Aug 1936 - 16 Mar 2020 Read more

Archie Ben Gobey

Archie was a much loved son, and grandson, who put smiles on his whole family’s faces. From day one we knew he would be a cheeky, bubbly little angel, and we cherish every moment we got to spend with him. It was the most incredible, hectic six weeks of our lives. This would have been Archie’s first Christmas, so by dedicating a light for our little angel, we feel as though he is not only apart of our Christmas, but everybody else’s too. 15 Apr 2020 - 29 May 2020 Read more

Chris Cole

Much loved and missed brother and brother in law remembered every day. 13 Dec 1955 - 21 Dec 2013 Read more

Bunty Hobbs

A fantastic Mum, Nan and Great Nan. Loved and missed by all the family. We've missed you saying, "shall we have a take-a-way" and "I've had my sherry and just the one!". Also at the family barbecues in the summer. 27 Dec 1922 - 26 Mar 2020 Read more

Debra somerville

A shining star in the sky , to a dear sister loved by all taken from us aged 11 years old sleep tight love you forever and ever 19 Jan 1964 - 26 Sep 1975 Read more

Margaret Earley

This light is dedicated to our Mum and Grandma Margaret Earley who passed away on 13th February 2020 after a short illness. Always helping others and loved helping out at checkpoints during Walk the Wight. Greatly missed and fondly remembered. 03 Jul 1943 - 13 Feb 2020 Read more

David Back

David / Daddy / Dad - You are in our thoughts every day and we miss you very much. But we smile and laugh when we remember you and think of all the wonderful time we spent together and all the fun we had. Thinking of you at Christmas time and making lots of wishes. We love you lots, Karen, Georgia, Daniel and Bentley xxxx 27 Jun 1959 - 12 Apr 2019 Read more

Keith Foster

A man with his heart in nature. He loved birds and British wildlife and was never happier than when he was outdoors with a pair of binoculars. His favourite part of the day was as the sun went down and the still of the night brought its peace at the end of the day and even better if it involved an open fire. Keith loved his family, he and his wife June spent hardly any time apart in their 54 years of marriage. His family meant the world to him, life was for living, sharing and loving. A rock 12 Nov 1939 - 29 Mar 2018 Read more

George Wooldridge

A wonderful husband to our mum Wendy and a fantastic father and father-in-law to Gavin, Donna, Lisa, Sophie & Bob. Grandad to Tom, Verity, Henry, Brodie & Max. This will be our 4th Christmas without you by our sides. Never forgotten and always in our hearts. 20 Feb 1943 - 19 Feb 2016 Read more

Paul Booth

We dedicate this light with special memories of a much loved husband, stepdad and grumps. You are always in our hearts and thoughts and missed by us all every single day but especially during the holidays. What we wouldn’t give to have you back 21 Apr 1945 - 30 Sep 2019 Read more

Lisa Michelle Carpenter

A special daughter who always loved this time of year. Forever in our hearts. 07 Jun 1986 - 20 Feb 2008 Read more

Robin Thornton

Long-time tourism ambassador for the Isle of Wight, Robin William Thornton, died at the age of 84 in July 2020. Best known for his ownership of Old Park Hotel and Tropical Bird Park in St Lawrence, he was a big supporter of tourism for both the Ventnor area and the whole Island. Mr Thornton and his wife Shirley ran the popular tourist attraction from the 1960s through to 1999, and Mr Thornton was an active member of Ventnor Hotels Association and a founding member of the Isle of Wight Places 26 Apr 1936 - 23 Jul 2020 Read more

Jackie and George Hart

A much loved Mum and Dad, Nanny and Grandad, and Aunty and Uncle. In 5 short months we lost you both, you are both very missed, with lots of love from Richard, Victoria, Paul, Ben and all the family xxxx 23 Dec 1939 - 19 Jul 2019 Read more

Leslie Martin

A very loving husband, father, Grandad, Great-Grandad & friend to all. He had a way of making everyone around him smile & laugh and we will forever miss you. 28 Nov 1942 - 04 Jun 2020 Read more

Jackie Atkinson

Mummy, you were my best friend, my shoulder to cry on. You gave so much love to so many people and you had the most amazing sense of humour, making everyone laugh even to the end. I love you so much and miss you more than you could ever know xxx 23 Jul 1956 - 23 Oct 2019 Read more

Eileen Seabrook

A lovely Mum who will be greatly missed. 09 Jan 1926 - 08 Jun 2020 Read more

Sharon Hill

Sharon meant the world to every one she met. She was the soul of a party and loved her dancing and singing. I miss her sense of humour so much and her cheeky smile. 25 Apr 1980 - 11 Aug 2020 Read more

Ifan Thorner

A loving Husband 05 Oct 1938 - 02 Jul 2020 Read more

Ian James Smith

My darling husband Ian, my best friend and sole mate, missing you every day, but your love and spirit remains in my heart forever. Your ever loving Mary xxxx 29 Jan 1955 - 27 Jul 2009 Read more

Mike Bradley

A loving ,hard working caring husband, dad and grandad. Took from us to soon. Wish i could do something to have you back with us. Miss you everyday. 07 Apr 1960 - 20 May 2018 Read more

Jannie Linker-Vos

Jannie Linker-Vos was my Mother. She died this year in June and I miss her more than I could have ever imagined. She was a feisty and determined lady in her younger years but was sadly a victim of Alzheimer’s Disease. 20 Jan 1933 - 12 Jun 2020 Read more

David Gregory

My gardening buddy and like a father to me. Much missed but always in our hearts and minds Born: 14 Apr 1936 Read more

Marina Sansom

Our beautiful mum and nan x taken to soon, missed so so much, our hearts broke the day you left us... We love you, always in our hearts xx 29 Sep 1949 - 08 Sep 2019 Read more

Julia Robin

Our wonderful mum Jools was a truly special person. She may have only been little but she was such a big presence in our lives. Always supportive, open minded, honest and great fun. We had hoped for one last Christmas together but sadly MND had other ideas. She passed peacefully at home holding Dad's hand, together to the end. We will all love and miss her every day. The Robins ❤ 30 Jul 1949 - 21 Oct 2020 Read more

Gerry Parslow

A loving husband, father, grandad and brother. Sadly missed. 23 Jun 1930 - 23 Dec 2018 Read more

Sandra George

Mum loved Christmas and this time of year and always made a huge effort with decorating every spare inch of the house. No space was left without something sparkly being put on it! Christmas is hard without you Mum and you are always in our hearts and thoughts. Until we meet again. 21 Nov 1950 - 15 Aug 2018 Read more

John Miller

In memory of my dad, great father, husband and grandad, always in my thoughts, forever in my heart, love you xxxxx 24 Apr 1954 - 02 Nov 2003 Read more

Rev. Norman Vivian

Our Dad spent his retirement years back on the Island where had previously been a Minister. Having supported patients at Mountbatten, Dad was admitted after a short illness and was cared for by the amazing team of staff and volunteers. We - his three children - were able to be with him when he passed which gave us comfort in a difficult time. We remember our Dad as a strong Christian man who was a great father to his three children, each of whom he adored. Thanks to Mountbatten we were able to 13 Jan 1947 - 23 Jan 2019 Read more

Chris Julian

A loving Dad, Grandad, and partner... the big kid of the family... miss you dad, love you always.. 31 May 1955 - 08 Aug 2020 Read more

tony chiverton

A wonderful husband and father. Always happy and cheerful , full of fun . He adored his family . 05 Dec 1933 - 21 May 2019 Read more

Mary Sears

Much loved & missed wife of Jack & mother to Matthew, Paul & Tom 24 Jan 1948 - 06 Aug 2014 Read more

Barbara Rennie Mackintosh

A caring wife who loved being a mother and a grandmother. Her family meant everything to her and they miss her everyday. 12 Dec 1953 - 28 Oct 2003 Read more

Peter John Evans

Peter was my Husband, soulmate, best friend, for 52 years, a very loving, caring man with many friends , we miss home so much. 22 Oct 1938 - 04 Nov 2019 Read more

Michael John Spendiff

A loving, caring husband and a wonderful father to his five sons. He will be forever loved and missed by us all. 03 May 1937 - 11 Jul 1999 Read more

Pauline Hawkins

Pauline was a wonderful mother and wife. The day she died was the worse day we had ever faced. It left us with a hole we could never fill. She was such a kind hearted soul. She would now also be a grandmother to Mia, she would have been besotted with Mia who knows who nanny Pauline is and always will do 18 Nov 1940 - 03 Nov 2011 Read more

Wendy Newman

You were and will always be the foundation of our family. You are the angel that keeps the eternal flame burning. You kept us together through times of hardship and heartbreak. You were capable of above and beyond, without any limitations. Now it is WE that will uphold your legacy. Say hello to Grandad and tell him to lay off the whiskey. Rest in peace Granny we love you so much, from Harrison and the rest of the family x 21 Jun 1942 - 23 Jul 2010 Read more

John Gallop

We dedicate this light with special memories of a much loved husband, dad and grandad. Who left us far too soon. You are always in our hearts and thoughts and missed by us all. He passed away peacefully at Mountbatten with family by his side. Wish you were still here with us. We love you xx 02 Jul 1943 - 12 Apr 2019 Read more

Irene Morham

For my dear gran, who is missed so much every single day, she is my whole heart and never does a day go by when I don’t think of her ♥️ 25 May 1933 - 06 Mar 2019 Read more

Raymond Hall

My wonderful, caring kind husband who meant the world to me 27 Dec 1944 - 01 Dec 2019 Read more

Jill Miller

In memory of my mum, great mother, wife, grandma, always in my thoughts, forever in my heart, love you xxxxx 21 Dec 1956 - 06 Jan 2006 Read more

Zoe Panayi

Zoe is my Beautiful, kind, caring, thoughtful daughter and Mummy to her 2 little boys, Theo-Jay & Tobias. I would Zoe to be remembered as the best Mummy to her 2 little boys and the most caring, beautiful daughter she was ❤ 24 Feb 1994 - 29 May 2020 Read more

Darryl Cousins

A loving wife and step mother and Namna, not a day goes by when we don’t think about her , how much she loved us, how much she taught us and we feel lucky she was in our lives, just wish it was for longer . 16 Mar 1957 - 02 Feb 2017 Read more

Joyce Duff

In loving memory of our dear Joyce, wife and mum. Your painfull days are over Your restless nights have passed God took you in his arms And whisperd, Peace at last. Forever in our hearts. 21 Apr 1945 - 16 Sep 2020 Read more

Ben Bishop

A loving and amazing Husband, Dad, Papa and Friend, the strongest man I know. He meant so much to so many and he’s missed every single day but even more so during the holidays. What we wouldn’t give to have you back with us. Born: 02 May 1963 Read more

Douglas Ainge

Our dad was taken from us when he was only 58. He was strong, kind and loving. He loved music, making things and anything to do with the sea. He was exceedingly fond of a strategy game and a pint or two at his local. I adored him, and I miss him to this day. Mountbatten cared for dad on the In-Patient Unit, and he died there in late Summer of 1999. I will be forever grateful for the care dad received. A comfortable and dignified death is all anyone could ask for, and thanks to Mountbatten, dad d 19 Jan 1941 - 17 Aug 1999 Read more

Paul Whitehall

Remembering a much loved Dad, Grandad, Husband and Brother. Dad was a man who was kind, caring and devoted to his family and friends. Dad was married to Margaret for many years before she passed away, he met Jan and married her and they enjoyed many years sharing their love of old cars with their friends at the old car club and Dad met with friends flying his model planes. When Jan passed away he spent many hours watching his favourite bands in the company of his son in law and spent time with 31 Aug 1942 - 31 Oct 2017 Read more

Marilyn Bannen

Her many virtues are engraved on the hearts of all who knew her. 13 Apr 1943 - 28 Aug 2019 Read more

Leonard George Fowler

Loving Father and wonderful husband and loyal friend to many. He spent most of his life helping and supporting the homeless he was a very humble man. Missed very much 28 Aug 1942 - 13 Dec 2017 Read more

Doreen Blumfield

The best friend and partner that anyone could ever have, a very caring, loving, person, my soulmate 04 Mar 1924 - 25 Sep 2020 Read more

Christine Medley

Our beautiful mum/Nan who was our best friend and was always there for us no matter what! We miss her every second of every day, but remember and cherish our beautiful memories of you always and forever♥️ 07 Mar 1947 - 06 Oct 2017 Read more

Daisy Ann Price

A loving mum , you are always missed. 31 Jul 1940 - 06 Apr 2013 Read more

Megan Grace Rogers

Megan was a special daughter, big sister, granddaughter, niece & best friend. She was kind, loving, stubborn, gave everything a go with passion and was true to herself. There is a big hole in many peoples lives now she has gone. Megan suffered twice with cancer in her very short life. She fought hard through chemotherapy and radiotherapy but unfortunately she grew her angel wings in March 2019 aged 21. Megan was scared at first to go into the Mountbatten hospice but she found it a place a sanctu 22 Feb 1998 - 25 Mar 2019 Read more

David regional corney

My Dad was my legend, he was a well known person on the island , especially around newport bus station where he was a controller, for southern vectis, was taken too soon. Miss you DAd 05 Oct 1952 - 22 Mar 2018 Read more

Alexander Frederick Quilter

My husband was a beautiful, wonderful, perfect man, who I loved more than anything in the world. I am so thankful he came into my life. 14 Feb 1976 - 29 Aug 2020 Read more

Gerald Richard Hooper

Our dear dad who was so special to his wife five children, 10 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. He passed away in August this year and is so sadly missed by us all, we all loved him so much. Rest in Peace dad ❤️ 05 Jan 1937 - 04 Aug 2020 Read more

Iris Gwilliam

Iris meant a lot to all of us and touched many peoples hearts. Iris is missed by everyone we all used to enjoy things such as, sharing cake, playing dominoes, laughing about who was the troublemaker to name just a few, and miss doing dearly. We would like Iris to be remembered for being the strong, loving, fighter that everyone knew. Read more

Joy Murphy

Taken from us far too soon a much loved Wife, Mother, Sister and Aunt. Joy sadly passed away with her battle with cancer 15 years ago, with her family beside her at Mountbatten Hospice. We remember you always and how you would today of loved being a grandmother to Elodie, Margaux, Hudson and a future grandchild on the way. Love Always Jim, Dan, Ben & Margaret & Family and the Murphy Family xxx 15 Apr 1949 - 07 May 2005 Read more

Bryan Knight

Loving brother, father and grandad..missed and loved dearly everyday... 08 Oct 1941 - 26 Sep 2018 Read more

Brian Niblett

A wonderful Dad and Grandad 14 Aug 1947 - 16 Dec 2018 Read more

David Clack

A best friend who is remembered and thought of daily. 07 Jun 1956 - 02 Oct 2020 Read more

Allen Bowen

He was an amazing father and grandfather as well as being a friend and teacher who guided and supported us. 08 May 1917 - 14 Apr 1988 Read more

Mandy Turner

Mum, Mandy to you all, was the most dedicated, loving and amazing mum and nanny anyone could ever hope to have. She always put her family first and her generosity and kindness were infinite. Christmas was always the highlight of mums year and as we approach this first one without her with us, we know that she would want us to enjoy it as much as she always did. There will be tears as we go through the day, but hopefully, as always, there will be laughter and magic ❤ 02 May 1961 - 07 Nov 2020 Read more

Christina Nova Corr

A very special Mum who adopted me and gave me the most wonderful childhood, full of happy memories and laughter. 29 Dec 1938 - 22 Sep 2020 Read more

Thelma Marsden

Rembered and loved every day by her family and friends.A life well lived 10 May 1924 - 05 Nov 2017 Read more

Bob Mills

My lovely Dad - we love you and miss you every day. This Christmas, as every year, we will raise a glass to you and open the chocolate brazils in your memory. Read more

Don Young

Retired boat builder of Fishbourne Lane. Beloved husband of Margaret, wonderful Father to Robert, Nigel , Caroline and Papa to Dominic, Jack, Patrick and James. Loved and missed always and forever xxxxx 04 Feb 1930 - 21 Oct 2019 Read more

Zoe Panayi

Zoe is my Beautiful, kind, caring, thoughtful daughter and Mummy to her 2 little boys, Theo-Jay & Tobias. I would like Zoe to be remembered as the best Mummy to her 2 little boys and the most caring, beautiful daughter she was ❤ 24 Feb 1994 - 29 May 2020 Read more

Dr Trevor Rayment

A truly wonderful husband, father and grandad biscuit. Loved and missed every day. 26 Apr 1949 - 05 Aug 2018 Read more

Ronnie Butler

My total World. Can't believe I am putting a light on a Christmas tree in your memory. You should be home with us, putting the lights up on our Christmas tree. Completely heartbroken and will miss you forever. Read more

John Frederick Tuskin

My husband of 52 years, we met on Boxing day 1964 when I was 17, Married on 1st October 1966, have 4 children and 6 grandchildren who all loved and supported you in your life. We shared many hobbies together, walking cycling and in the latter years cruising around the Mediterranean, the canaries and up to the arctic circle visiting the Norwegian Fjords up around the Northern Cape (Land of the midnight sun). You were my rock and had a strong sense of steadfastness and reliability along with a g 06 Apr 1945 - 23 Jul 2018 Read more

Pauline Buchan

Loving sister, wife and mother.. loved and missed daily by all that knew her... 20 Oct 1949 - 05 Aug 2019 Read more

David Reader

David Reader, Husband to Marilyn, Dad to Yvana and Natalie, a friend to all who knew him, will be devastatingly missed this Christmas and forever more. We will miss his smiles and jokes, his eyebrow raises at things he finds funny, his laughter and his grumpiness. A wonderful, dedicated, strong, brave Husband and Father who stood by us through thick and thin, happy times and hard times, loving us all without condition, because that's just what you do when you love someone, you are always there 26 Jul 1949 - 22 Jun 2020 Read more

Jennie Wells

Jennie was my beloved sister and I remember her as kind, loving and always there wh n needed. 07 Dec 1948 - 14 Nov 2011 Read more

Doreen Bennett

Remembering and missing our wonderful Mum, Nan and Great Nan. We all have so many memories of fun and laughter. Christmas won't be the same this year! Always be in our hearts. Love you Mum. Xxxx 26 Apr 1925 - 30 Sep 2020 Read more

Terence Patrick Corr

A very special Dad who adopted me and ensured I enjoyed a secure life of fun, happiness and laughter and that I was equipped with the skills to be the man I am today. 09 Oct 1937 - 11 Jul 2012 Read more

Ted Shepherd

The best Dad and Grandad ever! Love you and miss you always ❤️ Forever with us. Keep holding Mum’s hand. 14 Oct 1939 - 30 Apr 2017 Read more

Bill Lavers

Loving husband to Brenda and a great Dad to Mark, Jon and Rob. He was also a cherished grandfather and great grandfather. Bill was a loyal friend to many and is greatly missed by all all who knew him. 18 Jun 1946 - 03 Feb 2019 Read more

Leslie Atkins

He was my partner for 44 years but his friends, family and I knew him as Bill. Holly, our dog, and I miss him very much. He was my world and it is going to take a long time for me to remember him without tears . I never realised how much I would miss him even though we knew he would not be able to beat the cancer and still regret that I was unable to get back to the Hospice in time. I loved him very much despite his faults, he was a strong man who loved a little flutter, and his work as a stee 03 Oct 1936 - 20 Jul 2020 Read more

Malcolm Gerfen

Malcolm Gerfen lost his short battle with cancer. He was a loving husband to his wife Ann and a wonderful father, grandfather and great grandfather to us all. We will miss you so much Dad. Love u ❤️ xx 18 May 1947 - 12 Feb 2022 Read more

Julia Ann Cook

My wonderful Mum, Julia, sadly passed away on 18 June 2020 at the Mountbatten Hospice, after battling Ovarian Cancer. My Mum was a dedicated Christian who enjoyed going to church, going to cinema, reading books and poetry and visiting places of interest. My Mum always made me feel important to her and I am grateful to be her daughter. She will be sorely missed by all her friends and family xxxx 26 Jun 1940 - 18 Jun 2020 Read more

Jasper Robert Irons Goodyear

A loving and much loved Dad, Grandad & Husband. We love and miss you so much every day xx 22 Jan 1941 - 09 Dec 2019 Read more

Fred Hussey

Dad,Grandad, Great Grandad ,Great Great Grandad Family meant everything to him. A strong character who touched all our lives. 28 Apr 1929 - 27 Dec 2019 Read more

Anne Ryall

Anne a loving wife, mum, nan, and great nan. A very caring person who would do anything for anyone. Missed by all her family and friends. 20 Jun 1934 - 14 Oct 2019 Read more

Ian William Anderson

Ian was my Dad, my husbands Father in law and Grandad to my children 19 Apr 1947 - 09 Aug 2016 Read more

derek fillis

A brother who was taken to soon and will be missed by a brother ,sister in law ,niece ,two nephews and four great nieces and three great nephews. He had many friends connected with his hobbies. 13 Nov 1952 - 29 Aug 2020 Read more

Mark Mumford

Mark was a wonderful, son, brother and uncle. He was taken away too soon on 3rd April 2019 aged 56. He was the life and soul of a party, a free spirit, someone who made you laugh with his re-telling of stories and life mishaps. Always in our hearts, this beam of light is dedicated to his memory. 05 Nov 1962 - 03 Apr 2019 Read more

Nanny Ann Croad

I was only 10 when I lost my Nan who in that short amount of time gave me so many amazing memories. She is missed so much every day. I wish she could of been apart of so many things as we have grown up and missing meeting her Great Grandchildren. Sometimes you just need a Nan Hug Read more

Peter Cross

In memory of our amazing son Peter who sadly lost his battle against Leukaemia at the age of 20. He achieved so much in his short life and was loved by so many. Always remembered. 19 Feb 1992 - 03 Jun 2012 Read more

Richard Williams

Richard was my best friend and soulmate. We were very rarely apart and had 46 wonderful years of marriage. He was a very kind person and I miss him more than words can say. 11 Dec 1946 - 22 Sep 2020 Read more

Hilary Walmsley

My mum was my absolute world, she was my best friend and my rock! She was so selfless and always thought of others before herself and would always give me her last penny if I needed it. She was the best grandmother to my boys and even though my daughter didn’t quite get to meet her, talks about her every day. She was the kindest lady I know and I miss her every day. 08 Aug 1952 - 03 Oct 2012 Read more

Eileen Drury

Our Mum was very special to us. She always supported us and would do anything for us. She was the sub-postmistress at Brighstone Post Office for several years until her illness and her eldest granddaughter, Dawn, was proud to take over this role when she was no longer able to. 31 Jul 1928 - 16 Aug 1989 Read more


My baby sister taken too soon Read more

Danny Barry

Danny was my partner for life and my "rock". He made me feel safe and loved, come what may. When he smiled he had a twinkle in his eyes and never lost his Irish charm. Deceased: 30 Jan 2020 Read more

David Orchard

Very much loved Dad and Grandad. Great fun, miss you every day. See you later xxx. 04 Nov 1932 - 08 Jan 2001 Read more

Joyce Jordan

A very brave lady. A much loved twin sister, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. 08 Jan 1944 - 16 Jul 2019 Read more

Jamie Gunnell

Jamie, taken from us way too early, miss you son. Hope you are looking after mum up there. God bless, RIP 28 Jun 1975 - 29 Jun 2016 Read more

David O'Brien Jnr

A wonderful Son who was very caring and compassionate. Had a really wicked sense of humour and a loving personality. He was very loyal to his friends and they to him. He is missed by all of his friends and desperately missed by his Mum, Dad, Sister and Brother-in-law. Always loved, never forgotten. 18 Jan 1978 - 14 Aug 2018 Read more

Ruth Raper

Mum was my rock standing strong by my side and carrying me when needed. She loved her family and ensured that I always knew them even though there are in Australia. She baked the best cakes, knitted amazing jumpers and wrote letters and cards like no other I know. She accepted me for me and always gave me her opinion. Mum was the best Gran to her beloved Roo he was her world. 01 Jan 1936 - 08 Nov 2020 Read more

Yvonne Dias Azedo

Mum's light was a special light, it shone bright throughout her life. She was everything for everyone, always strong, upbeat and striving for the best for the people she knew and loved. She lived a full and, in the most, a happy life, full of exciting memories. Unfortunately she was taken far too early from us. She has left a huge hole in many hearts. This will be our first Christmas without her but we are determined to keep her light alive. Once again, our special thanks go out to all the p 30 Jun 1950 - 03 Mar 2020 Read more

Audrey Gunnell

Audrey, life has been so empty without you. Miss you every second of every day. Rest in paradise my love 13 Jun 1950 - 09 May 2018 Read more

Janet Lymn

Our dear and wonderful Mum to Carol , Steve , Andrew, and myself Christine. She was a wonderful Mother In law to Andrew wife Sue, Steve’s wife Julie, and Christine Husband John . She was a very special Mum and and wonderful person . We miss here very much . I know she is looking down on us because here star is shining so bright . We love you Mum God bless you xxx Read more

Phil Vincett

Phil was an amazing husband, father, grandfather and friend. He was full of life, love and laughter and is missed by all of us 05 Sep 1951 - 01 Oct 2020 Read more

Brian Young

Brian or Bunger as he was known was a kind and loving husband and father and meant the world to me. He loved to share tales of his work on oil rigs in Australia and the South China Sea a job he really enjoyed, he especially looked forward to Mountbatten Home care visits in the mornings and sharing a joke with them. We miss him so much he will remain in my heart forever. We love you so much. 12 Oct 1938 - 29 Apr 2020 Read more

David John Ellis

In memory of a much loved brother, Dave Ellis, who will always be greatly missed. Sheila and Michael 04 Sep 1941 - 13 Dec 2017 Read more

Victoria Goldsmith

Much loved Daughter. Sister & mother. Forever in our hearts 💕 Her courage was her crown & she wore it like a queen 🦋 05 Jun 1973 - 07 Oct 2019 Read more