In Memory

David Reader

26 Jul 1949 - 22 Jun 2020

David Reader, Husband to Marilyn, Dad to Yvana and Natalie, a friend to all who knew him, will be devastatingly missed this Christmas and forever more. We will miss his smiles and jokes, his eyebrow raises at things he finds funny, his laughter and his grumpiness. A wonderful, dedicated, strong, brave Husband and Father who stood by us through thick and thin, happy times and hard times, loving us all without condition, because that's just what you do when you love someone, you are always there, no matter what. We miss you Dad, Bla, we love you, always have, always will, for all the stars in the sky and fishes in the sea. Will all our love from Marilyn, Yvana and Natalie xxxx

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