Adelle and Gavin Davis, from Lake

Gavin’s Nan was cared for at Mountbatten Hospice for four days in December 2019. His wife Adelle said: “When she got in there, we asked her how she felt. She said she felt like she was in heaven already. She was so comfortable and so well looked after.”

After being told she had taken a turn for the worse, Gavin stayed on the ward to be close to his Nan. He lived on the ward for four days, “they brought you tea and dinner, and cared for you and your Nan,” Adelle recalls. “She was not conscious towards the end yet they were still coming in and they would give her a foot rub for half an hour.”

 “They have a playroom for the children, so we used that quite often, the café was lovely and the gardens and the play area outside – the children had a lovely time up there!

“Since our experience in December, we always have sunflowers in our kitchen and the children also understand that we have sunflowers because of the hospice that Nanny was in. We wear a sunflower in support for the hospice; hopefully encourage others to wear it as well. It’s a lovely memory, a happy memory, of her being in the hospice – and how good the hospice were to her and us.”


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