If you live on the Isle of Wight and have been diagnosed with a life-limiting condition, we are here to care for and support you, your family and your friends.

Our care supports people with all kinds of illnesses, including cancer, heart failure, lung disease and motor neurone disease. We also care for people who have advanced dementia and those may have many different, complex illnesses at the same time.

We want more people to be able to access our services and this means we also support Islanders who are increasingly frail and elderly, who may have five or fewer years to live.

Hospice care seeks to improve your quality of life and our aim is to help you to live as fully as you can with your illness. This means that as well as looking after your physical needs, we also look after your emotional, spiritual and social needs, and we support carers, family members and close friends, both during illness and bereavement. 

Our bereavement support is available to anyone on the Island, no matter how old they are, or how they have been bereaved - the person who has died does not need to have been receiving our care at the time of their death. Through our partnership with KissyPuppy, the Sophie Rolf Trust, we are also able to provide bereavement support for children and families. 

How to access our services

If you feel you would benefit from our services, ask your GP or other health professional to refer you via our Mountbatten Coordination Centre.

For bereavement support, you can contact our Psychology and Bereavement Service directly by calling (01983) 533776.