If you have been diagnosed with advanced heart failure, we are here to support you and your family. 

Our aim is to make you as comfortable and as symptom free as possible, whilst providing support for the psychological and emotional needs that you may have. We also work to ensure that those around you are well supported as they care for you. 

It is important that we know about people who may need our care as soon as possible, so that we can work together to help you live well with your disease and to plan your future care, treatment and choices about where you want to receive care at the end of your life. 

We can offer you a number of things to support you

  • Practical sessions which can help you understand and live well with your condition, including: coping with fatigue; managing breathlessness; relaxation; welfare benefits and eating well
  • A programme of activities, held in the John Cheverton Centre, which are open to both people receiving our services and the public
  • Advance care planning for your future care and treatment, including end of life care choices
  • Access to palliative care and support: for you, your family and carers

Talk to your GP about getting access to these services.

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