Our aim is to help people who are living with a life limiting illness or condition to improve their quality of life and to achieve the things that are most important to them.

One of the ways we do this is through the support of our Allied Health Professions team, which includes physiotherapists, an occupational therapist and assistants.

Our team works across all areas of our services; you may meet them if you are a patient on our hospice ward, when you visit our John Cheverton Centre as an outpatient or even in your own home. 

How we can help

Occupational Therapy

To help you maintain your independence and quality of life, our occupational therapy team can help you find practical solutions to difficulties you may be experiencing with managing everyday tasks. 

This may be

  • Personal care or domestic tasks
  • Any activities that are important to you, such as hobbies
  • Enabling you to live more independently in your home
  • Managing symptoms, such as breathlessness, anxiety and fatigue, that are preventing you from doing things
  • Providing equipment or enabling you to use different techniques and approaches for doing the things you want and need to do


Our physiotherapists aim to help patients achieve their personal goals, in order to maximise quality of life and maintain function and independence wherever possible. We focus mainly on

  • Improving strength/stamina
  • Improving balance
  • Falls prevention
  • Pain management
  • Easing respiratory symptoms

Therapy takes place either on a 1:1 basis or as part of a group, mainly within our well-equipped gym or if necessary in patients’ own homes.

How to access our help

Our physiotherapists and occupational therapist run the following groups:

  • Circuits
  • Lymphocise
  • Living Well with Fatigue
  • Breathe Easy
  • Falls Prevention

If you would like to benefit from these services, ask your Mountbatten Nurse or Carer.