Isle of Wight Palliative Care Symptom Control Guidelines

Please download the latest version of the Isle of Wight Palliative Care Symptom Control Guidelines.

Just in case drugs

Just in Case drugs should be considered for any patients with an advanced life-limiting illness where prompt treatment of foreseeable palliative care symptoms is desirable. Typically, this might apply to patients who are anticipated to be in their last months of life.

For GPs and others Working in the Community
The form is within SystmOne (s
elect from the tree or search for "IoW palliative" and click the just-in-case button).  Select the required drugs to generate the FP10 and then select "community administration" to automatically transfer this to the just-in-case permission to give form.
Alternatively, download the Just in Case Drugs form

For Hospital Clinicians
For inpatients, prescribe the medicines described on the Just in Case Drugs form on JAC.
For patients going home, please complete both a TTO (for the pharmacy) and the form 
(which authorises community nurses to administer the medicines within the situations specified on the form).