Mountbatten provides expert care and support to anyone on the Isle of Wight who is facing death, dying and bereavement.

Did you know that, on any one day, over 1,300 Islanders have access to our wide range of services?

Most of our work takes place in people's own homes, wherever that may be, and extends to the families and friends of those we care for. Anyone who has experienced the death of someone close to them, whatever their age and wherever the death has occurred, can access our bereavement support service.

All of our services are provided free of charge to patients and their families. This is only possible thanks to the incredible generosity of community for their continuing support, through fundraising and volunteering. 

Every year, we must find over £8million to ensure we can continue to provide our services. Around a third of this amount comes from the NHS.

We believe that it is the simple things that really matter: these words from the wife of patient, who received end of life care from our Mountbatten Nurses at home, perfectly reflect the 'Mountbatten Way' of doing things:

Thank you for visiting when you said you would, you turned up every time we expected you. Thank you for coming in the middle of that last night and staying with us. Thank you for washing my husband and helping us to dress him in his favourite pyjamas, to comb his hair and to clean his teeth - he was such a proud man and you took note. Thank you that we have such good memories of the last night of his life, where all was calm and contentment. Thank God for the generosity of your team and thank God for the generosity of this community who continue to support what you do and what we need; without you and them, we would not have got through this..." 
Wife of Mountbatten at Home patient