Angie Cooper, from Ryde

My auntie Sandra was diagnosed with breast cancer about 12 years ago. She received basically every part of the support from Mountbatten that was possible. She went to the John Cheverton Centre, she had outreach come to her and she passed away there six years ago nearly. 

We just want to do whatever we can to repay what they did for us and Auntie Sandra; it’s just a home from home. Towards the end, when Auntie Sandra was admitted to the hospice, everyone was so friendly and it’s not just about the patient, it’s about the family as well. My boys were quite young when she was first there and they were supportive for them as well.

The sunflower reminds me of Auntie Sandra – it’s bright and bubbly, it’s sunshine. It makes you see that in all the darkness out there at the moment, you see a sunflower and it does, it just brightens up your day. Particularly at the moment, we need as much brightness as we can.


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