Dealing with the reality of living with a life-limiting condition, bereavement and death can be devastating. Feelings can be difficult to put into words: the arts can offer opportunities to share experiences, make sense of them as well as uncover, explore and express important feelings. 

You might find it therapeutic to get involved in art sessions, held at our John Cheverton Centre - you might even discover a new skill or hobby!

Art Therapy

In art therapy, you will be able to experiment with different media; painting, pottery, photography or creative writing. The emphasis is not necessarily on producing a piece of work, but on the process of creating.

However, products can be an important way of making sense of what is happening, and we offer the possibility for you to exhibit or perform work that you have created. 

  • When: 2pm to 3:30pm, Thursday (12-week programme)
  • Where: Art Room, John Cheverton Centre
  • How to access: Ask your Mountbatten Nurse or health professional to refer you to this group.