There are lots of ways you can still join in with 'Walk the Wight your way'.

You can walk, run, cycle, skip, bounce, climb, dance - whatever you choose - to complete your virtual Walk the Wight from now until the end of May. Any activity counts and the more fun and creative the better!

So, choose your activity, download our map and cross off (or put your stickers) as you complete each milestone. Every 30 minutes of activity is the equivalent of 1 Walk the Wight mile. Don't forget to send us your photos or tag us on Facebook and Twitter @MountbattenIW

Here are some ideas from other people to inspire you and get you started.

Bobby and Harry Smith, Ventnor ‘We’re signed up to Schools Walk the Wight because we want to remember our Grandad and raise lots of money for Mountbatten. We’ll be climbing the stairs at home, doing star jumps in our garden and finding fun ways of using toys to complete our miles for Mountbatten.’ 

The Johnson boys, Apse Heath 

‘We were going to Walk the Wight this Sunday 10 May but now we can come up with lots of fun ideas to complete our miles. We’ll jump on our trampoline or do a fitness routine in the garden. Our Mum might even get us dancing in the living room!’

Jackie Whiller, Consultant Nurse at Mountbatten 

‘Every year me and some of the nurses dress as sunflowers or sunflower print clothing and we have so much fun. This year, when we’re not working, we’ll be running wherever we can to get the miles on our maps.’

Rachel Richards, keen runner and team member at Mountbatten 

‘I would have been walking this year but now I can use all my training I have been doing for a 50km run and put it to good use for Mountbatten by running a marathon. If I can’t get out of the house, I could always use a treadmill. I’ll find a way to Walk the Wight and show my support, no matter what!’