In the space of six short years, Carole Harding from East Cowes has experienced the deaths of six of her loved ones. Each time, Mountbatten has been at her side and has continued to be there to support her through grief.

Carol said: “My mum was an inpatient, my brother-in-law was an inpatient and an outpatient in the end. My husband was looked after by the team at home, here, because that was his wish. The bereavement team looked after me several times.

I’m so grateful that they were there, to be able to do anything at a drop of a hat. Pick up the phone and someone was there to help.

“I did wear a sunflower…the year after I lost my husband, my sister and I walked the Wight. We’ve done it several times now. My original sunflower, I still have on my bay window in the lounge. I actually dedicated it to my husband, it’s got my husband’s name on it.

"It represents so much, it’s just an amazing symbol really.”

Support our Sunflower Fund. Wear your sunflower and stand with us. Thank you.