Anyone who has experienced loss through death, whatever their age and wherever and however that death may have occurred, can receive our bereavement support.

We work together with KissyPuppy, the Sophie Rolf Trust, to make sure that children and their families are well supported after the death of a loved one.

We offer support in a number of ways:

You can download our 'Supporting young people with death, dying and bereavement' pack below:


How to access support

You can ask your GP or school to refer you to our service, or you can contact us directly by phone (01983) 217346.

Groups for children

Everyone experiences grief differently and it is often helpful to be able to express emotions and meet with others who are going through a similar experience. Grief can be a very isolating experience, so groups give children, young people and families a chance to meet other people in the same situation as themselves. Our groups can help people to learn new ways to express their feelings about what has happened and gives them a chance to do so in a supportive environment. They also offer the opportunity to ask questions and share some of their memories about the person who has died.

Parents/carers group

This is an opportunity for parents and carers of children experiencing loss to come together to talk openly and gain support from each other.

Young people’s group

This group is aimed at 13 to 18-year-olds and will offer them an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation, to gain emotional and social support.

Children’s days

These days are a chance for children to take part in art and other activities aimed at helping them to express their grief. They will also meet others in a similar situation. During the day, parents and carers can gain support from each other and find different ways they can support their children.


If you have been supported by our team, we would be very grateful if you could spare a moment to complete a short evaluation form.

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