You can now play your part in the UK’s fight against coronavirus by downloading the NHS COVID-19 app.

Using battery-saving Bluetooth, the new app alerts you when you’ve been close to someone who has reported symptoms of coronavirus and gives you advice on what to do.

Islanders will be the first to download and use the NHS COVID-19 app and will help contribute to the development of the final app that will be rolled out nationwide.

How it works

By downloading the app, we are playing a critical role in the national effort to beat coronavirus.  

Everyone living on the Isle of Wight over the age of 16 should download the app if they have a smartphone. The more people who use it, the more successful it will be and the sooner we will be able to try and get life back to normal.

The Isle of Wight is leading the way for the UK. Download the app and start using it today.

How to download the app

How to download the NHS COVID-19 app to both Apple and Android devices:

  • Type into the browser on your phone. This will take you to the official Isle of Wight NHS COVID-19 app webpage.
  • Select either Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on the kind of phone you have.
  • You will be taken out of your browser and into your phone’s app store.
  • The app can only be found by clicking the link: you may not be able to search for the app in the app store.
  • In your app store, choose to install the NHS COVID-19 app.
  • Once the app is downloaded, open it and follow the instructions within the app.
  • If in the future, if you become unwell with a high temperature or a new, continuous cough, you should open the app and enter your symptoms. The app will tell you how to arrange a swab test for Coronavirus and the NHS will send an anonymous message to other app users you’ve been near, advising them what to do.

If you are having difficulty installing the app on your phone, or are unsure of what to do, ask for help from friends or family. For further advice see

For more information about the app visit the NHS COVID app website.