Education has always been an important part of the trio which makes up the core elements of what good and effective end of life care should look like. The trio is made up of providing good CARE, which, of course, goes with question; influencing others through EDUCATION; and taking opportunities to RESEARCH effectively into what we are offering so that we are always at our best, without fail.

Mountbatten offers a wide-range of learning and development opportunities. Courses range from short workshops to two- and three-day courses and attract a variety of participants - from volunteers, care support staff, to experienced health care practitioners. Indeed, anyone who wishes to develop their knowledge and skills in caring for those living with advanced disease, dying and bereavement are welcome to come and learn at Mountbatten.

We have an education team, which includes highly qualified and experienced educators, who are responsible for developing and supporting all teaching activity. Much of the teaching is delivered by specialist staff who are expert practitioners and currently work in a range of settings where end of life care is provided. Learning outcomes of the education sessions delivered at Mountbatten are aligned to the End of Life Care Core Skills Education and Training Framework (Skills for Health, Skills for Care, Health Education England, 2017).