Many people put off writing their Will as they expect it to be complicated. However, in reality, it is relatively simple. Our Make a Will pack helps you consider everything you need when making or updating your Will. Call 01983 217300 or email us for your free copy. 

You can also write your own Will or ask a legal advisor such as a solicitor or Will writing service to draft it for you. This may be a safer option as they can answer your questions, provide advice, and will know the correct legal wording to use.

You are welcome to use our free online Will-writing service provided by our partnership with Bequeathed. This process provides advice and allows you to make a simple Will in the way that suits you.

Find out more about our free Wills service

Alternatively, sometimes working with a solicitor may be a better fit for you. You can find a list of local solicitors here.

Please note that Mountbatten cannot provide legal advice.