On Sunday 8th May, I am walking the Wight with my beautiful daughter Amy and my lovely friend Jayne for Mountbatten Hospice, a truly remarkable, kind, caring organisation that supports people who are, or have experienced death or dying.
To my closest friends and family, you will know the 8th is my birthday and that I would have been away with my partner Leon, but that’s not possible and this is one way to say thank you to those at Mountbatten that supported us in a very personal way.
We are walking 14 miles from Carisbrooke to Alum Bay and I am asking you to donate if you can, all donations make a genuine difference and will help Mountbatten to grow their services so more people have the best end of life care and experience possible.
Thank you for your support, with love, Chrissie.

Chrissie Dawson