Eli is walking in memory of his Nan (my mum) and his 'nanny Margaret' (my sisters mother-in-law).
The hospice provided excellent care to my mum during her final months, we were always made to feel welcome and she often compared it to being on holiday as she was treated so well. Mum passed away in the hospice last year while covid restrictions were still in place but the hospice ensured everyone got a chance to see her before the end. Eli was keen to visit her and she was keen to see him too, the staff welcomed him and even provided him with ice lollies, we cannot fault them or the volunteers in anyway.
The photo was taken about 2 weeks before mum passed away and is from 1 of Eli's visits, as you can see they both look happy. When I asked Eli what was good about the hospice he said all the staff were friendly, kind and nice. Charlotte Wilkes