The island is our home. We (Ed and Richard) were born and grew up there with our sister, Jess. It's a special place full of special memories and special people.

In the last 2 years we have lost two of the most important people from our lives, our Grandma and our Grandad. They made the island their home and helped make us into the people we are today. It's been a really tough couple of years, dealing with this loss, along with the pandemic.

Mountbatten do so much for people across the island, helping people who need support and supporting those who have lost loved ones. The work they do makes life a little easier for a lot of people.

We have wanted to Walk the Wight for a long time but now feels like a great time to give something back to the island, in honour of our grandparents, John and Frankie Goodall.

Thank you so much for supporting us :) Ed Goodall