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  • Today we are celebrating 30 years of Walk the Wight.  πŸ’›
  • We'll post live updates as they happen below. Good luck everyone!
  • Share your photos and videos with us! And follow our Facebook page for updates
  • Don't forget to clap for the Isle of Wight and our Mountbatten hospice heroes at 6pm tonight 

6:05pm Sunday

As the last few walkers would have been crossing the finish line at the Needles Landmark Attraction, we invite you to join together in singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" with our Mountbatten Community Choir. We are humbled beyond measure by the extraordinary support our community has shown us through this unprecedented time. At times of crisis, our Island leads the way in showing how we can come together, to remember, to care and to support. The Isle of Wight is certainly the best of us. Thank you.

6pm Sunday

What a very moving ending to an incredible day. The coronavirus may have changed the way we've all marked 30 years of Walk the Wight, but your support and love are unchanged and unfailing. However you've been walking, Mountbatten has been with you every step of the way. Thank you

4pm Sunday 

By now, some will have completed their epic walk and others will be closing in on the finish line.
At about this time, walkers would have been moved and encouraged on by the sound of the bagpipes being played by Dr Keiron Cooney at the top of Tennyson Down.
Some still have a few more miles and hills to go and his music is always a welcome boost. So, we thought we would bring them to you this afternoon as you continue to Walk the Wight Your Way.
Turn it up loud and enjoy! 

2pm Sunday 

For all the skips you're skipping, for all the bounces you're bouncing and for all the walks you've walking - thank you! You are awesome. 

And if you're still going, don't forget you still have until the end of May to finish your miles, so keep on doing what you're doing.

Our nurses and carers have loved seeing your photos and videos. And you've also been sending in some wonderful clips of you singing "Walking on sunshine"  Keep sending them in!

For now, though, have a quick rest, enjoy a cup of squash, turn it up loud and sing along with our Schools Walk the Wight Your Way rendition of Walking on Sunshine

1pm Sunday 

At what would have been the time most people have crossed the Walk the Wight finish line at the Needles Landmark Attraction, we invite you to clap for all those who have taken part in Walk the Wight Your Way.
Join us at 6pm for a clap for the Isle of Wight and all our Mountbatten hospice heroes who are at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic.
Afterwards, we invite you to join our Mountbatten Community Choir in singing "You'll Never Walk Alone'.

12pm Sunday

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Words don't seem enough for all of your love and support. We're truly humbled by your generosity and kindness being shown to our Mountbatten nurses and carers.
They have been buoyed by your goodwill and knowing you have their back is keeping them going through this crisis. Here are some faces you may recognise. We hope these messages of thanks spur you on to keep Walking the Wight Your Way! Thank you.


11:45am Sunday

Time for a Walk the Wight Your Way appeal update...
We are completely blown away by your generosity, together you have raised an incredible amount so far to support the care of Island patients and their families. You are amazing. Thank you.

You can still donate and get a footprint on our virtual Walk the Wight map 
Or find a fundraiser to support on Justgiving.

11am Sunday

This time last year, Steve Wright made it across the Flat Walk finish line at Shide. Just hours earlier, he had been receiving care from our Mountbatten Nurses on our inpatient unit at the hospice. Steve had been determined to take part in the walk despite being very poorly. His wife Michelle is today retaking their steps, in memory of Steve and in support of Mountbatten. Here is her story. 

If you would like to donate to Michelle's fundraising efforts, you can find more details at

10:30am Sunday

Walk the Wight simply couldn't happen without the magnificent support of our Mountbatten volunteers - and it's no different for this year's virtual event. For Ron Bowler, it is the first time in 30 years that he's been able to actually walk. He's usually making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. And Denise has been clocking up her Walk the WIght Your Way miles by volunteering on our inpatient unit. Well done and thank you to all of our amazing volunteers!

10am Sunday

Right now, at 10am, it's usually all about superheroes, minions, music and a massive balloon arch! You can still bounce, skip, jump and walk at home as we mark the start of our virtual Schools Walk the Wight Your Way! Who's ready to go? Here's Dani with more info and GOOD LUCK! (Don't forget to share what you're doing on Facebook and keep watching - at 2pm we'll be posting a video of you singing along to 'Walking on Sunshine' and we want you to singalong at home, too!)

9:30am Sunday

At about this time, our start point at Freshwater would be filled with the sounds of children and parents warming up as they prepare to do the Schools' Walk. So, we thought we'd bring you some of the warm-up action from Dan the party man's back garden instead!
If you're getting ready to head out at 10am, at what would have been the start of the schools' walk, make sure you limber up with Dan. Good luck everyone!


9am Sunday

This year, you've been coming up with some amazingly inventive ways to Walk the Wight Your Way – how about a bit of mountain climbing? Kirsty Gobby got in contact to tell us that her family have been climbing the height of Ben Nevis complete with a snowball fight at the top. Without even leaving the house!

See some more of the creative ways you've been getting involved, and tell us below how you've been Walking the Wight - YOUR Way!


8:40am Sunday

It is only thanks to your generosity that we can continue to care for Island patients and their families at the most challenging of times.
Your support means we can carry on supporting people at the end of their lives in their own homes, in care homes and in hospital. We can't do this without you.
You don't have to be taking part in Walk the Wight Your Way to make a difference. Place your footprint on our virtual map and donate whatever you can afford to. Thank you so much.


8am Sunday

Who have you been remembering as you Walk the Wight Your Way?

Today we’re coming together in remembering loved ones that have inspired us.

We’d love to know why you’ve been Walking the Wight Your Way, and what it means to you. Share your pictures and names of loved ones on our Facebook page or email us


7am Sunday

Today is the day! πŸ’ͺ

Wear something yellow and get involved πŸšΆ‍β™‚οΈπŸƒ‍♀️

Remember to share your pictures, stories and videos.πŸŽ₯πŸ“Έ

Whether you’re walking around your garden, running up and down the stairs, or having a trampoline marathon, let us know what you’re doing to Walk the Wight Your Way.

Throughout the day we’ll be updating our Facebook page sharing some of the amazing things you are all doing in support of Mountbatten.

In these challenging times, we need your support more than ever to ensure the most vulnerable in our community are cared for when they need it the most. You can donate and get a virtual footprint on our Isle of Wight map.

Remember to keep yourself and others safe and follow the government guidelines.


6:01am Sunday

Possibly this year’s earliest starter?
Peter Swallow from Bembridge was determined to start his Walk the Wight Your Way challenge at the traditional time. His early morning run included part of the Walk the Wight route.
He has so far raised £1,600 for Mountbatten. Thank you so much Peter!

6am Sunday

Today thousands of you would have been lining up at Bembridge for the start of the 30th Walk the Wight. Instead we are marking the event in our own homes with Walk the Wight Your Way. Here’s Mountbatten CEO Nigel Hartley marking the start of today’s celebration. Good luck everyone!